Our Powerful Motors

The secret formula to our Juiced Bikes are equal parts custom Bafang motors mixed with our 52V batteries. Learn more about what goes into our powerful motors.

What's a RetroBlade Motor?

Let us explain why Bafang RetroBlade makes for a better motor

We wanted a motor with high torque, class 3+ speed on the 20-inch form factor, cassettes gearing, but with retro-modern looks. This type of motor didn’t exist when we started development on our Hyper bikes, so we partnered with Bafang to produce this benchmark-setting motor. It took a full year to get to mass-produced our motors while maintaining our high quality. These new motors are called RetroBlade, and they're exclusive to Juiced Bikes!


Our Custom 750W & 1,000W Motors

Powerful performance right in your rear wheel

Powerful 750-Watt and 1,000-Watt Bafang motor are custom-designed exclusively with our electric bikes. These motors pack a serious punch with 750-Watt motors reaching a peak of 1,300-Watts on our Class II bikes like the RipCurrent models, CrossCurrent models, Scorpion X, and the fan favorite Scrambler. Our HyperScrambler 2 and HyperScorpion bikes have a 1,000-Watt motor with a peak of 1,800-Watts. While these numbers may just seem like statistics, consider that the average washing machine has around 500 watts. That’s some serious power in our electric motors.


Rear Hub Motors Making a Better Ride

A Lighter Ride

Hub motors are typically lighter than mid-drive motors and give a boost of power from the rear wheel powering you up any hill.

An Smoother Ride

Geared hub motors take advantage of the gears of your bike which allows you to ride your e-bike like a traditional bicycle and shift up or down depending on terrain.

An Easy Ride

Most e-bike riders want an on-demand throttle to make pedaling optional which is only found on hub motors.