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Whats Next?

Hi! Thank you for your purchase, the team at Juiced is getting your bike inspected and ready to ship. Here are a few steps that will be helpful to be ready to receive your bike and understand how to care for it and contact us if any questions

1- Visit us at . Here you will see how to videos to get your bike assembled and inspected once it arrives. You can get an idea of the space and time needed to do it. Bring a friend!

You can also see the recommendations on safety (helmets!) and needed tools for the long ride (flat repair and so on)

2- Uh Oh. Delivery day arrived and your box/bike seem to have been roughed up by a delivery service. Please dont worry, you can refuse delivery and contact us via . We will receive the bike (and claim the damage to the shipper) while also setting up a new bike to be shipped back to you on a different provider.

If you decide to keep the bike we fully back you with our warranty and recommend to contact us anyways.

3- We know everyone will try their best to get your bike to you so please follow up your shipping notification to be available when your bike arrives home

4-Take your time assembling the bike and contact us with any pictures if you have some questions. Just send us an email to

5- Remember to do a pretrip inspection to review all items are tight and properly installed using our video guides. Feel free to visit your local bike shop for a tuneup as well

6-We recommend to charge your battery fully before the first ride. We know you are anxious to ride but aside of a quick test we suggest you to fill it up to the top

7 - The time has come! Use ECO mode for your first test ride to get used to your new ebike. This way you can test everything is working smoothly and the braking system will go through a breaking in  process.

8- Now its the time for fun, and maintenance. Your bike will need proper care and tuneups as any normal bike. Feel free to contact us for tips and guides . Preventative maintenance will reduce and prevent wear on your bike.


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