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CrossCurrent S / CrossCurrent AIR Upgrade - SCHWALBE Marathon Plus HS 440 Wire Tire (Option)

CrossCurrent S / CrossCurrent AIR Upgrade - SCHWALBE Marathon Plus HS 440 Wire Tire (Option)

$ 119.00

Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 440 Wire Bead - Upgrade set of 2 x Tires

Schwalbe is a German company that makes many different types of tires. One such tire is the Marathon Plus which has been known in the bicycle commuting circles as the best tire for preventing punctures against thorns, tacks and glass etc. Marathons also last a VERY LONG time. 

On top of this, the rolling resistance is fantastic given the level of puncture resistance provided. The only drawback is the higher cost and slightly heavier weight. 

Fits Bikes: 

  • CrossCurrent 

  • CrossCurrent S

  • CrossCurrent AIR



 Product Information:

  • SCHWALBE Marathon Plus HS 440 Wire Tire

  • 700C x 45 (47-622) also listed as (700C x 1.75)

  • This is the widest size available and matches up well with the stock tires which are also 45C Width

  • Legendary anti-puncture protection designed for serious bike commuters

  • 700C size fits CrossCurrent, CrossCurrent S, CrossCurrent AIR

  • E-Bike Ready (ECE-R75) : Approved and tested for E-bikes up to 50 km/h

  • GreenGuard layer is 5 mm thick (the non "plus" Marathons have 3 mm)

  • "Anti-Aging" sidewall

  • Reflective sidewall strip for better visibility 

Ordering Information:

  • This upgrade is for a set of 2 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires

  • If ordered with an e-bike, they will be installed on the e-bike before shipping

  • If ordered separately they will be sent in a separate box

  • Orders separate from bike will not include the inner-tube

 Additional Information: 

Detailed test from BicycleRollingResistance.com: See Results

"You can't go wrong with the Marathon Plus or the Marathon (GreenGuard) (read review), both tires are best in class and easily outperform tires from other brands." - BicycleRollingResistance.com


Here is a short documentary of how the Schwalbe tires are made. It is quite impressive.