5 Ways E-Bikes Make Summer Better

5 Ways E-Bikes Make Summer Better

When it comes to enjoying summertime fun to the fullest, electric bikes are better than cars. 

There, we said it. Now, you’re probably thinking that, of course, one of the leading e-bike brands would unabashedly make such a bold statement, but hear us out — electric bicycles are frequently easier, more efficient, and more exciting vehicles to take to summer outings than anything with four wheels. And we’ve got five of the most epic summertime activities that are best experienced via e-bike to prove it.

Keep reading below to discover just how much better your summertime can be with an e-bike!

Juiced Bikes 5 Ways Electric Bikes Make Summer Better Summertime

E-Biking to the Big Game

For casual and diehard sports fans alike, there’s nothing better than catching the big game at your favorite stadium! But this road to nirvana is often paved with pain and peril (literally!) — fighting traffic on the way there, fighting for parking, fighting traffic on the way home; it’s enough to make anyone bang their head against their steering wheel. Mercifully, there’s a far superior way to get to the game than your car — a fast, fun, and efficient electric bike!

E-biking to sports games is leagues better than driving. Not only do you have ample opportunities for cardio exercise, but you can often zip past traffic jams and arrive at the game quicker than you would if you drove there, all while having the time of your life! With an e-bike, you never have to stress over finding (or paying!) parking either. You simply breeze past the frantic fans desperately scouring the lot for an open spot, park your bike — usually right at the stadium entrance — and waltz right in. Did we mention that you don’t have to spend an eternity trying to exit the parking lot once the game ends?

Riding your electric bike to see your team play is the winning move. In fact, the Juiced Team recently threw a group ride to catch the San Diego Padres annihilate the competition, and we can vouch for just how flat-out fun it is! Not only is the ride there always a blast, but Petco Park even offers free valet parking for bikes and e-bikes on Sunday Padres games! Check out the video below and see firsthand just how much better ball games can be when you make an electric bike your M.V.P.

Life’s a Beach With an E-Bike

If you’re fortunate enough to live within a reasonable distance of a beach, then this is absolutely a must-do summer outing! Whether you’re a beach bum looking to lounge in the sun, an avid surfer, or an adventurous type who wants to explore the coastline to soak in all the natural beauty, a summer beach trip is the perfect backdrop for making unforgettable memories. And an e-bike really elevates the whole experience. 

Juiced Bikes 5 Ways an Electric Bike Makes Summer Better Surfboard Rack

During the crowded summer months, finding a parking spot can be a beast — not to mention having to lug your beach essentials all the way to the shoreline. With an electric bike, however, you can cruise past the packed parking lot and score a sweet spot right up against the shimmering waters while comfortably hauling all your gear in a crate or pannier bag attached to your bike. For surfers looking to ride the perfect wave, you can even conveniently stow your board on your e-bike with a surfboard rack!

Ready to hit the beach on your very own e-bike? Any Juiced model is the ideal companion for fun in the sun, but we recommend a rugged fat-tire electric bike if you plan on actually venturing onto the sandy dunes.  

E-Bikes: A Festival & Concert-Goer’s Best Friend

For music lovers, attending a live performance by your favorite artist can be a soul-stirring and transformative experience like no other. The mesmerizing lights, sounds, and energy of feeling the music flowing through your body get your adrenaline pumping like few things around — except for riding an electric bicycle! 

Juiced Bikes 5 Ways an Electric Bike Makes Summer Better Festival Cruiser

Opting to ride your e-bike rather than drive your car to a concert or music festival is the perfect pregame to get you pumped up to see your go-to band, DJ, or artist perform live. Compared to a car, the thrilling ride to the venue on your e-bike is far more exciting, engaging, and visceral, priming your body, mind, and spirit for the transcendent musical experience that awaits you. Amp up the party vibes further by bumping your top tracks on a sweet Bluetooth speaker (standard on the HyperScrambler 2 Founder’s Edition but sold separately as an upgrade for the HyperScrambler 2 and HyperScorpion)!

Once you’ve arrived at the concert or festival venue, you can sail past the stressed-out motorists stuck looking for parking and snag a spot close to the entrance, saving you tons of time and hassle. Plus, you can fully immerse yourself in the live music experience without worrying about slugging it out with traffic once the concert ends. Now that’s music to anyone’s ears!

Hit the Links on an E-Bike

Did you know that a growing number of golf courses allow you to use your electric bike like a golf cart? That’s right — imagine cruising around the beautiful greens on your comfortable, convenient, and crazy fun e-bike! More and more golfers are swapping golf carts for electric bikes for the many advantages they provide, including:

  • Lower cost: Bringing your own e-bike to the course is more affordable than renting a golf cart.
  • More versatility: Since you can carry your clubs, water, and other golf gear in your e-bike, you don’t really have to worry about hiring a caddy.
  • Greater freedom: Golf carts are fine if you just want to take it easy between holes, but an e-bike gives you the option of pedaling for fun and easy cardio exercise. 

So which type of e-bike is best suited for caddy duty? It’s definitely a personal preference, but the accessibility and easy mounting and dismounting offered by step-through electric bikes are hard to top.

Explore National Parks With an E-Bike

Not too long ago, our gorgeous National Parks limited the use of e-bikes, but now, you can take in the stupendous scenery on your trusty two-wheeled tourer! Different parks and even trails and pathways within a park have their own set of rules and regulations regarding electric bikes, so be sure you do your homework before planning your trip. Wherever you plan on going, you’ll have a better time on an e-bike than your car! 

Juiced Bikes 5 Ways an Electric Bike Makes Summer Better Explore National Parks

Taking to the trails at a National Park on your e-bike empowers you to go farther and see more breathtaking natural splendor with less effort than on foot or traditional bicycle. Not only that, but you’ll also still have the flexibility of enjoying a rigorous cardio workout since you can adjust how much pedal assistance you’d like on the fly. Climbing steep hills, blasting down winding trails, or trekking to that remote vista with stunning panoramic views has never been easier!

An electric bike also liberates you from the woes of finding parking at crowded lots during peak summer seasons. Hitting all your desired destinations on an e-bike frees you from the endless traffic jams that plague National Parks during the summertime. And you’ll feel good at the end of the day knowing that you were able to get up close and personal with nature without adding a single greenhouse gas to the pristine air. 

Make the Most of Your Summer With an E-Bike

Summer has finally arrived, and there’s no time like the present to get out there and enjoy all the amazing things this sunniest of seasons has to offer! A car can be a convenient and sensible way to travel to popular summer vacation destinations, but if it fits your lifestyle and itinerary, an electric bike can enhance the whole experience on another level. From leisurely beach trips to ball games and concerts, e-bikes can be a more convenient, flexible, and fun way to get to all your spots!

Ready to ditch your car? Check out our awesome e-bike range and save up to $500 on some of our best-selling electric bikes during our limited-time Fourth of July Sale!

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