7 of the Best E-Bike Trails in the U.S.

7 of the Best E-Bike Trails in the U.S.

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Summer is the perfect season to hit the open road, hop on your e-bike, and explore all the breathtaking natural beauty our nation has to offer! But with so many phenomenal trails — some of which restrict electric bikes — where do you even start planning your two-wheeled trek? Well, reading this blog is a great start! We’ve curated a list of dream destinations for e-bike enthusiasts, from a stunning riding trail off the scenic Pacific Coast to an exhilarating expedition into the heart of Florida’s gator-filled Everglades. Pack your pannier bag, slap on some sunscreen, and take a quick tour of some of the top e-bike trails and paths that you positively must visit this summer.

Greenway Trail (Hermit Road) — Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Like to live (and ride) on the edge? Bring your e-bike to the Greenway Trail and take in truly jaw-dropping views of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim! Electric bikes are allowed on the Hermit Road section of the Greenway Trail from Pima Point to Monument Creek Vista. This gentle bike path is fully paved and has very little elevation change, making it ideal for families, young-at-heart adventurers, and just about any rider. Throttle-only riding isn’t permitted on this trail, but that just means you’ll enjoy a little workout while you soak in the stunning scenery.

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails in the United States Grand Canyon

Source: U.S. National Park Service

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail — Monterey, CA

Stretching 18 miles from Monterey through Pacific Grove and up north to Castroville, the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is one of the most picturesque ways to tour California’s iconic Pacific coast. Take your e-bike here during the summertime, and you’ll likely catch a pod of whales, sea lions, or sea otters frolicking in the ocean. Even if you miss out on animal sightings, you’ll be in awe of the non-stop views of the rocky coastline, unique cypress trees, and vibrant flowers that pepper this pathway. Make it a weekend and stop by the amazing destinations along this trail, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove. Just watch your speed — most of the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail limits e-bikes to 20 mph, but be aware that the Pacific Grove stretch has a 12 mph speed limit. 

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails in United States Monterrey Bay

Source: Weekend Sherpa

Bayshore Bikeway — San Diego, CA

If you’re looking for the ultimate coastal rail-trail e-bike experience, you owe it to yourself to ride the Bayshore Bikeway in sunny San Diego! This 24-mile loop is a long, smooth paved pathway to paradise, offering e-bike riders staggering views of the ocean and bay and convenient access to historic landmarks like Coronado and Imperial Beach. For those adventurous riders who wish to complete the whole loop, the trail links with on-street bike lanes and routes through Chula Vista, National City, and downtown San Diego; however, families may want to avoid the on-street bike lanes by looping back on the same path at Imperial Beach. 

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails in United States San Diego Bay

Source: Times of San Diego

Shark Valley Trail — Everglades National Park, Florida

Gators, turtles, and lizards — oh my! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more unique and memorable ride than Shark Valley Trail, located deep in the Everglades National Park. Cruise this 15-mile smooth, fully-paved path and marvel at the gorgeous Floridian fauna and wildlife, including birds, fish, and reptiles. Before setting off to this popular e-bike destination, consider a few things: only e-bikes with 750-watt motors (or less) are allowed, and summertime is thunderstorm season, so always check the extended forecast when planning your e-bike adventure.   

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails United States Everglades

Source: Scenic & Savvy

Chief Ladiga Trail — Calhoun and Cleburne Counties, Alabama

Constructed on a slightly raised rail bed, this 33-mile paved bike trail whisks you through charming towns and colorful countryside along a section of the longest paved trail in the U.S. This smooth trail is an easy ride and delivers unbeatable views of open fields, wetlands, and lush forests. If you have the time and stamina, you can easily extend your ride past the Alabama-Georgia border and tackle an additional 62-mile stretch filled with even more southern splendor.

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails United States Chief Ladiga Trail

Source: Rails to Trails Conservancy

North Pathway — Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The best way to bask in the boundless beauty of the Grand Teton mountains is from the vantage point of two wheels coasting down the North Pathway. This 20-mile paved bike path slices through beautiful Jackson Hole Valley and gives riders million-dollar views of pristine lakes, verdant forests, and of course, the beautiful Tetons. Animal lovers will delight at frequent sightings of elk, bison, pronghorns, and other native wildlife. Best of all, the North Pathway is a smooth and easy-to-ride trail, so e-bike enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels can get in on the fun.

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails United States Jackson Hole

Source: Trail Link

Trail of Coeur d’Alene — Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Cruise down the 72+ mile paved Trail of Coeur d’Alene, and you’ll be awestruck by the incredible vistas, prairies, mountains, and lakes surrounding you. Created via a partnership between the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Union Pacific Railroad, the U.S. Government, and the State of Idaho, this must-ride trail winds through the famed Silver Valley, along the Coeur d’Alene River and through the pastoral hills near Plummer. An exciting adventure awaits you around every bend, from historic mines to hiking trails to roaming wildlife that includes beavers, bears, and coyotes. Note that as of 2023, only Class 1 and Class 2 electric bicycles can tackle this trail, but check with the local e-bike laws and regulations when planning your trip.

Juiced Bikes 7 Best Electric Bike Trails United States Couer D'Alene

Source: Inlander

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