7 Things Riders Wish They Knew Before Buying an Electric Bike

7 Things Riders Wish They Knew Before Buying an Electric Bike

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There is no doubt electric bikes are a significant investment and typically require considerable deliberation before deciding which model to buy. Many soon-to-be riders spend weeks analyzing every aspect of their new purchase but oftentimes neglect to consider the most important elements of their electric bike. As a leading pioneer in the e-bike industry for over a decade, we’ve heard every imaginable regret after a rider discovers the flaws of their first e-bike. And, that rider usually discovers Juiced Bikes when they’re ready to correct the errors of that first purchase. 

Why go through all of that hassle and end up with an underwhelming and underpowered e-bike? A little research goes a long way when it comes to buying a new electric bike, including learning from the mistakes of other riders. Here are the most common regrets of first-time e-bike purchasers: 

1. “Didn’t Buy the Bigger Battery”

When electric bike riders switch to a Juiced Bike, we often hear how happy they are to FINALLY have an e-bike that doesn’t give them range anxiety. Many new riders greatly underestimate how often they'll ride and how long their rides will last which can lead to disappointment when they realize the bike they bought can’t keep up with their riding distance. When shopping for an electric bike, it’s very common for consumers to look at the model’s riding range estimate instead of actual battery capacity and size. The problem with these estimates is that most companies overstate the numbers and assume optimal riding conditions (small rider, no cargo, riding on a flat surface and riding with pedal-assisted power, for instance), while most riders underestimate how much power they’ll need for their riding habits. Do not make this mistake! First time riders quickly discover how much they love riding and how the ease of riding allows them to adventure for longer. 

Additionally, when electric bike riders switch to a Juiced bike they are ecstatic by the added benefit of not needing to charge their battery after every ride and the relief of not having to worry if their bike will last throughout the ride. It’s critical to understand the importance of e-bike battery capacity and how a battery’s total watt hours determines riding range. More watt hours = more power. More power = more riding range. To find the battery size of an e-bike model, simply multiply volts by amp hours to get the watt hours. For example, the battery on the HyperScorpion has a 52 volts/19.2Ah battery, so 52x19.2  = 998.4 watt hours. Compared to a commonly used e-bike battery with 48 volts /14Ah of power, and just 672 watt hours, it’s easy to see the power advantage of a Juiced e-bike, which directly equates to the e-bike’s riding range. 

The size of an e-bike battery plays another very important role that many riders overlook before their first purchase.  Many riders rely on their e-bikes to tackle otherwise impossible-to-climb hills and find a36V or 48V battery just doesn’t have the power to take them up these inclines as confidently as a 52V battery can. The bigger 52V battery pack also allows riders to carry more weight and use the throttle more often. Making sure the battery on your new e-bike is big enough to match your  riding needs should be one of the most important considerations before purchasing.

7 Regrets From Electric Bike Riders Need Bigger Battery

2. “Went for the Cheapest E-Bike”

A frequent comment made by experienced electric bike riders is, “I wish I had spent more on a quality bike in the first place.” Sadly, this complaint is becoming more common as cheap ‘off-brand’ e-bikes hit the market with misleading performance claims. The problem with most budget bikes is that once the rider goes for a quick ride, they realize how much it’s severely lacking in quality. Many riders say that if they had spent just a little extra money initially, they would have saved much more on costly repairs, component replacements, upgrades and/or replacing the bike completely. That $1,000 e-bike on Amazon might be tempting but if its lifespan is only a couple hundred miles, or if it's constantly in the repair shop, the cost-per-use is actually much higher than a high-quality electric bike from an established and trusted e-bike brand.

7 Regrets From E-Bike Riders Went Cheap

3. “Only Got Cadence Pedal Sensors”

When initially shopping for an electric bike, a new buyer may be confused by the amount of unfamiliar jargon used to explain the bike’s specifications. Amp hours, wattage, torque and cadence pedal assist (just to name a few) can be confusing to a layperson. Many riders don’t learn enough about the technical aspect of e-bikes and are often left disappointed. One of the most common features that e-bikers wish they had on their bike is the torque and cadence pedal-assist sensors. Torque pedal assist is a feature that measures the force of each rotation of the bike’s pedals and outputs an equal amount of torque to match your riding power. This feature is important because almost all electric bikes come with ONLY a cadence pedal assist sensor which puts out the same amount of torque with every pedal rotation. Experienced e-bike riders usually find single pedal assist technology to be boring and even unsafe as the bike may have too much power applied when accelerating from a standstill. Nearly all Juiced e-bike models are equipped with both a torque and a cadence pedal sensor, providing a more responsive, smooth and even ‘bionic’ ride that is immediately appreciated as soon as riders experience the different pedaling options. 

4. “Never Thought About What I’ll Use the Bike for & Where I’ll be Riding”

Most soon-to-be riders know they want an electric bike but might not be 100% sure about how or where they’ll be riding. E-bikers frequently wish they had considered all of the uses for their electric bike prior to purchasing their first model. For example, a senior rider buys a traditional step-over bike to use for daily errands. However, that rider didn’t take into consideration how frequently they’d be mounting and unmounting the bike during those rides and the stress this would put on their hip flexors. An e-bike with a step-through frame, easier to get on and off of, would have been a far better choice for that rider’s lifestyle. 

These types of stories are common as needs change once the rider becomes familiar with their e-bike and understands how to incorporate it into their daily life. Options like fat-tires vs. road tires or single battery vs. double battery often leave riders confused about how to find the ideal model for their own lifestyle and needs. Before fully committing to purchasing an e-bike make sure to give careful thought to your riding location, your riding style, and how you plan to use your bike for everyday riding. Take a look at our interactive e-bike finder to learn more about the questions you should be asking about your riding needs.  

7 Regrets of E-Bike Riders Wrong Terrain

5. “Didn’t Research the Warranty & Customer Support”

Not buying an e-bike from a reputable, trusted company, one that has been selling and servicing e-bikes for more than a year or two, and one that offers a warranty and reliable customer support, is a decision that most riders end up regretting. A high-quality electric bike is a significant investment  and should be expected to last for several years of riding enjoyment. If you have a quality or performance issue with your e-bike, a robust, experienced and reliable support team, based in the U.S., is absolutely critical. And if you happen to get the dreaded lemon of an e-bike, you’ll need a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment. If you’re unsure or uneasy about the Customer Service provided by a specific e-bike company, put them to the test to ensure you’re comfortable with their communication tools and response time. For instance, if you plan on calling a customer service team for post-purchase support, then make sure the company has a working phone number with live agents. Juiced Bikes is proud to provide best-in-class support and service from a team of e-bike experts, all of whom work on-site at our San Diego headquarters. In some cases, it might take a village to properly support an e-bike customer so be certain your purchase is from company capable of living up to their commitments. 

6. “Forgot the Accessories”

Experienced electric bike riders are passionate advocates of adding a variety of accessories to customize and elevate their bike’s appearance and performance. Adding decals, racks, fenders, bags and baskets is a fun and easy  way to personalize an e-bike. A rider making frequent trips to the grocery store will find their perfect match with a super functional cargo rack, large enough for all of your family's provisions. Adding a loud Anti-Theft Alarm to your bike can rest your worries if your ride is stored in a public location or shared lot. The avid adventurer can secure a Phone Mount with Charger to their ride to keep their GPS open and within view while keeping their phone charged. There are so many ways to tailor an electric bike to make it a one-of-a-kind, perfectly customized for your riding needs. 

7 Regrets of Electric Bike Riders Forgot Accessories

7. “Underestimated Riding Addiction”

Almost every electric bike rider can agree that e-bike riding addiction is a powerful force! Riders often lament that it took them too long to buy their bike, and wish they purchased sooner. Electric bikes quickly provide invaluable quality of life improvements for new riders, everything from saving money by replacing car miles with a more efficient way to ride, exploring new locations and  adventures, spending more time with family, and improving both their mental and physical health. While we understand the high consideration that goes into an electric bike, and the time that must be spent on research, don’t wait more than a few weeks. Trust us, you’ll want to be riding! If you’re having trouble pulling the trigger, Juiced makes it easier by offering different buying options like Low Monthly Payments with Klarna and a Welcome discount by signing up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

7 Regrets From Electric Bike Riders Underestimated Riding Addiction

From watt hours to torque sensors, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to purchasing a new electric bike. Avoid the common mistakes made by so many first-time e-bike riders with some basic knowledge and research, and ensure you’re happy riding your new e-bike from the first mile to the thousandth mile, and every one in between! Still not sure where to start? Check out our E-Bike Buyers Guide so you can buy your next ride with confidence.

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