Powered by Mom, Boosted by Juiced!

Powered by Mom, Boosted by Juiced!

The Weekly Squeeze

All moms are superheroes, but Natalia Aguirre has most definitely earned her cape, and her wheels! She’s a single mom to three boys, including her oldest son Nico, 17, who was diagnosed with seizures and subsequent developmental delays. Nico requires Natalia’s full-time assistance with nearly everything he does. For years, she used a trusty mountain bike to tow Nico in a trailer behind her. He loved bike riding, but as he grew older, the physical strain of their rides became more and more limiting for Natalia.

 “There were times I had to cancel trips because caring for a loved one who's bigger and heavier puts more strain on my back,” Natalia said. “And at times I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make the full bike ride. Nico's not able to get himself into the trailer, so riding was a really big effort for me.”  

When we heard about Natalia and Nico’s story last year, we knew they needed a new way to ride. Juiced Bikes was thrilled to provide Natalia with a new CrossCurrent X Step-Through electric bike. After riding for more than five months, e-biking has turned out to be so much more than she imagined: a well-deserved boost for a very deserving mom.   

Juiced Bikes Mothers Day!

“It”s been amazing! So smooth.” says Aguirre about her e-bike. “Cycling has always been a go-to for stress relief until my back and schedule got too packed to enjoy. Now that I can ride longer with more power, I’m so excited to go on the bigger bike trails and the beach this summer.” 

For Natalia, one unexpected benefit of owning an e-bike was that she could actually get a great workout. For a full-time caregiver and busy homeschool teacher for her three children, finding the time for a workout has always been a challenge. “My friend, who has more experience with e-bikes, showed me how you can lower the amount of assistance the motor is giving you and get a better workout just by using the weight of the bike,” she said.

Now that Nico gets out more on family rides with his mom, he also spends more time interacting with other kids – one of his other favorite things to do. “It always touches me when other kids come up to say hi to him,” says Natalia. “They are curious and want to know about him. And I just find that a lot of kids are very compassionate and he lights up and loves the attention.”

Juiced Bikes Mother's Day Get Your Mom an E-Bike

Even Super Moms, like Natalia, need a little help sometimes. E-bikes are an amazing way to empower the Mom in your life and provide a stress-relieving, functional, versatile and always fun way to ride. 

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