Our New 52-Volt Battery Pack: 5 Things to Know

Our New 52-Volt Battery Pack: 5 Things to Know

Since the launch of our NEW G2 52-Volt Battery Pack, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from riders about what makes this battery so unique! Besides being one of the only e-bike brands exclusively using a higher capacity 52-volt battery, this new pack offers riders easier use, more security, and better weather protection. Here are the five key things to know about the new G2 Battery!

Sleep Mode - With the new lockable power button, you do not have to unlock the battery with the key and turn it off after each ride. Simply turn off your bike using the LCD Display’s power button, or keyed ignition on our Hyper models, and the battery will enter a sleep mode. The battery remains on but will not drain a significant amount of energy from the pack. This is recommended if you’re riding at least once every few weeks. If you’re planning to store your bike for a month or more, we recommend turning off your battery at that point. Tip: Press and hold the power button on the battery to turn it off. And simply press it once to turn it on!

Juiced Bikes All About Upgraded G2 Electric Bike Battery Pack Sleep Mode

Charge Status Visibility -  Say goodbye to range anxiety with the updated Battery LED level meter. This feature solves a common problem for electric bikers: quickly accessing your battery range at a glance without turning on your e-bike's LCD screen. With just one touch of the power button, you can see exactly what level you’re at. This is a fantastic feature for knowing exactly when your battery is finished charging and ready to ride. The bars on the outside of the battery will turn green as it reaches 100%.

Juiced Bikes All About Upgraded G2 Electric Bike Battery Pack

Apple Air Tag Integration - One of the biggest concerns for e-bike AND bike riders is preventing theft. So, the new G2 52-Volt battery pack features an integrated compartment designed for an extra layer of theft-prevention with an Apple AirTag (AirTag not included), allowing you to track your bike in the unfortunate event of a theft. Simply place the AirTag in the compartment and start tracking from your phone!

Easier to Carry - The NEW G2 52-Volt battery offers a more ergonomic design with an easy-grip handle for quick installation and removal. This new feature is handy for carrying your battery inside to charge or store for the Winter as well.

Juiced Bikes All About Upgraded G2 Electric Bike Battery Pack

Better Water Resistance - A fully concealed dual fuse compartment offers more protection from the elements, and the lockable power button keeps water away. These design details make the G2 52-Volt Battery IP65 water-resistant to protect your investment. Tip: If you do get caught riding in the rain, be sure to wipe your bike & battery off with a dry towel when you get home. Water resistant does not mean waterproof! 

These five features on the new G2 Battery deliver a massive functionality upgrade! The G2 52-Volt battery is compatible with all 52V Juiced e-bikes. So if you already own a Juiced Bike, the best time to pick up a second battery to extend your ride is now while they’re in stock! The new battery comes standard on the RipCurrent S and  RipRacer, HyperScrambler 2, and it begins shipping on the CrossCurrent X later this month.

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