What Makes a Juiced E-Bike So Much Better!

What Makes a Juiced E-Bike So Much Better!

There is a very good reason industry experts and notable e-bike journalists proclaim that Juiced delivers the absolute most e-bike bang for your buck! Juiced has been a trusted industry leader for more than a decade. Our e-bikes feature a long list of premium and upgraded components, and are carefully engineered to provide riders with thrilling performance, unmatched safety, and extraordinary functionality. 

The Juiced Advantage HS2 


Everyone talks about ‘performance’ but what does it really mean for an e-bike consumer, and why is it so important? Basically, key performance characteristics of your new e-bike will determine the benefits riders care most about, specifically, how far, how fast, how comfortably and how safely you’ll be on your new electric bike. Choosing premium components over cheaper parts is one of the most important things to look for when choosing an electric-bike. A cheaper bike almost always means cheaper components that leave riders wanting more (a lot more) Many first time buyers find this out the hard way and often come to Juiced Bikes looking to upgrade their ride.  

Here are some examples of how upgraded components, like the ones on all Juiced Bikes, deliver a better riding experience. A larger battery will fuel longer rides with far less time charging your battery (no more range anxiety!) Higher watt motors give you more power, torque and acceleration… exactly what you need to get up that hill with confidence! Hydraulic disc brakes provide far superior stopping power at higher speeds. Cadence and Torque pedal sensors turn your feet into bionic machines, and make every ride super smooth (and fun!). It’s impossible to overstate: what your e-bike is made of directly affects every single aspect of your ride!

The long list of premium components on a Juiced electric bike begins with a massive 52V battery pack to fuel a riding range of up to 100 miles and speeds up to 30MPH. Models also include custom Bafang motors, ranging from 80NM -90NM of torque for unparalleled power to conquer hills. The Advanced LCD display gives you total control over your riding experience. Pedal Assist Technology gives you the freedom to get a work out all while getting you there faster. Our geared transmission assists you mechanically while the power system assists you electronically, for the most efficient and symbiotic pedalling experience. 

The Juiced Advantage Premium Components


When it comes to e-bikes, safety should always be a top priority! Juiced was one of the first brands to invest in standard features like hydraulic brakes, super bright headlights and puncture resistant tires. Hydraulic brakes give you more stopping power at higher speeds (an absolute must when riding an electric bike). As an added safety precaution every Juiced model has a brake sensor which will cut the power to the motor when braking. Many of our high-speed/moped style models include even more safety features for better interaction with traffic - such as integrated brake/turn signals and rear view mirrors. 

The Juiced Advantage Safety


At Juiced, we pride ourselves on how incredibly easy it is to replace a car miles with e-bike miles. Racks and fenders to help carry books, groceries and pets around. Ergonomic grips and upright seating make our models one of the most comfortable and popular on the market. Models featuring our 52v/19Ah batteries have a range which is capable enough for food delivery/courier purposes. Our Scrambler and Scorpion series models can even be used to carry passengers (up to 275lbs total). These models also feature a keyed ignition for added security and a USB power port so you can charge your devices on-the-go. 

The Juiced Advantage Functionality

Remember you don’t have to pass on important components and safety features you want because of price. Our electric bikes are incredibly affordable, considering how well equipped they are! Use the Juiced Advantage to your advantage, and get the best performance for your dollar. To start your adventure take our E-bike Quiz and find the ideal model for your needs. 

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