Never Share an E-Bike Again: The Benefits of Owning Your Own!

Never Share an E-Bike Again: The Benefits of Owning Your Own!

Ah, the exhilaration of cruising around town at 20+ miles per hour as you whiz past cyclists and pedestrians alike. If you've ever ridden an electric bike, the chances are you've already fallen in love with this feeling of riding faster and farther. If you haven't, it's time for you to discover all the fun you've been missing! But before you hit the road, you need a bike. With more and more ride-sharing companies rolling out e-bike options, determining whether it's better to own or rent an e-bike can be confusing. 

Read on to discover the six advantages of owning an e-bike:

1. Always Have an E-Bike When You Need One

The trouble with renting an e-bike from a ride-share service is that there's not always one available when you need it most. If you're running late for work one morning, you don't want to gamble on whether there's an e-bike available to rent nearby — you want the security of knowing you'll have a ride, which you can only get from owning an e-bike.

When you have your own e-bike, you don't have to go through the extra steps of locating one available for rent on the map in a ride-share app and planning how to get there. Instead, you can just grab it from your house and go. This level of dependable access makes purchasing an e-bike a no-brainer.

Juiced Bikes Buying Vs Renting E-Bike

2. Never Worry About Geofences

Many e-bike rental systems operate within specific geofences that restrict how far you can ride your e-bike. A geofence is a virtual perimeter set up around a real-world geographic area. An e-bike rental company can track whether you stay within the designated geofence area by using location-based technology known as Radio Frequency ID (RFID).

These companies can also use geofences to limit where e-bikes can go within a city and how fast an e-bike can go in certain areas. While you may run into geofence restrictions when you rent an e-bike, owning an e-bike allows you to avoid that stress and ride wherever you want. Who’s up for a cross-country e-bike ride?

3. Enjoy a Well-Maintained E-Bike

When you rent an e-bike through a ride-share app, you're at the mercy of whoever rented the e-bike last. If the rider before you spilled something on the seat or broke one of the handlebars, that's your problem now. Additionally, with so many people passing around ride-share e-bikes, you can't be certain where an e-bike has been or how clean it really is.

On the other hand, owning your e-bike ensures you know exactly where your e-bike has been and what it's been through. When you buy an e-bike, you can be sure it remains well-maintained and as clean as the day you bought it.

Juiced Bikes Buying Vs Renting Maintenance
4. Experience More Battery Power

Whether you enjoy going for long e-bike rides or tend to forget to charge your electronics, you'll appreciate an e-bike with extended battery power. When you purchase your own e-bike, you can choose one that comes with 52V batteries, like ALL Juiced Bikes

Thanks to the impressive battery power, many of our e-bikes allow you to ride over 70 miles ON A SINGLE CHARGE! It's simply impossible to find that kind of battery power when you rent an e-bike. Typically, the e-bikes available from ride-sharing companies have poor battery power and low mileage. 

5. Customize Your E-Bike

Buying your own e-bike allows you to customize your ride. Instead of settling for whatever type of e-bike a ride-share company supplies, you have the opportunity to shop around and find the e-bike that best suits your lifestyle. This way, you'll get to choose from a variety of e-bike styles, including commuter e-bikes like the CrossCurrent X, e-bikes designed for off-road adventures like the Scrambler, cargo e-bikes like the HyperScorpion Express and more!

The fun doesn't end when you purchase an e-bike. Owning an e-bike means you get to accessorize it however you want. With virtually endless accessory choices on the market, you don't want to pass up the chance to enhance your e-bike.

Here's some of the accessories you could add to take your e-bike to the next level:

  • Bags: Make carrying your things a breeze by attaching a Pannier Bag to your e-bike.
  • Crates: If you want to carry more things on your e-bike, such as groceries, you can add a crate to the back.
  • Fenders: Attaching fenders to your e-bike ensures you stay clean on every ride you take.
  • Safety accessories: Protect your e-bike with a lock and alarm. And stay even safer on the road with an e-bike horn.

Juiced Bikes Buying Vs Renting Accessories

6. Save Money

Ultimately, buying an e-bike instead of renting one can save you money in the long run. Especially if you plan on riding your e-bike frequently, your e-bike will pay for itself in no time. As a bonus, e-bikes generally have a long lifespan depending on how well they're maintained, so you'll get enough years out of your e-bike to make your investment worth it.

When Should I Buy an Electric Bike?

If owning an e-bike sounds like a dream come true, you're not alone. Considering all the incredible benefits that come with buying an e-bike, it's no wonder that e-bike demand is through the roof. Thinking through whether you're a good candidate for owning an e-bike can help make your decision easier.

While purchasing an e-bike may feel like a significant one-time investment, the e-bike will quickly pay for itself if you ride it frequently. If you envision yourself riding your e-bike to commute to work, visit family and friends, run errands, get exercise and more, it makes sense for you to buy an e-bike of your own.

Here are seven other specific situations in which you may want to purchase an e-bike:

  1. You know what e-bike you want: Once you've surveyed all the special features and e-bike styles that exist, you might become fixated on your dream e-bike. If you have a clear picture of what type or model of e-bike you want, you should go ahead and lock it up — you won't be disappointed.
  2. E-biking fits well with your lifestyle: If you plan on using your e-bike to commute to work every day, it makes far more sense for you to own an e-bike than rent or lease one.
  3. You have a lingering injury: If you've had any injury that makes it difficult or painful to pedal with full power now, you'll enjoy owning an e-bike, which takes some of the pressure of pedaling off your body. 
  4. You want to go green: If you're interested in reducing your carbon footprint and positively impacting the environment, switching to an e-bike may be the solution for you. Buying your own e-bike will inspire you to use it more often in favor of less environmentally friendly modes of transportation.
  5. Getting a license is an issue: If you're stuck in a situation that makes it impossible to get a driver's license for the foreseeable future, buying an e-bike is an excellent option for you.
  6. You want to save money on fuel: If your usual means of transportation seems to guzzle gas endlessly, you can save money on fuel in the long run by purchasing an e-bike.
  7. The terms for buying an e-bike suit your finances: Even if you don't have the money to completely pay for an e-bike, many electric bike manufacturers offer customers payment plans that allow you to pay over time. Juiced Bikes offers financing through Klarna and you can choose which payment plan suits your needs. Some states even offer incentive programs to help those interested in buying an eco-friendly electric bike save hundreds of dollars.
Juiced Bikes Buying Vs Renting Benefits

Clearly, there are various advantages and disadvantages to buying vs. renting an e-bike, and the option you choose depends entirely on your lifestyle. As you evaluate your options, keep in mind that buying an e-bike often turns out to be the most cost-effective choice. It saves you from high rental rates or outrageous lease terms while giving you the freedom to customize your favorite model.

If you're thinking about owning an electric bike, check out the wide selection of electric bikes in stock at Juiced Bikes. Our e-bikes use advanced technology to deliver high-performance fun for every lifestyle. When you order from us, you'll enjoy top-notch quality, free shipping and an e-bike that's ready to ride straight from the box. Take our quiz to determine the right e-bike model for you and place your Juiced Bikes order today.

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