E-Bikes 101 Ch 5 - Pedal Assist & Throttle Controls

E-Bikes 101 Ch 5 - Pedal Assist & Throttle Controls

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After you choose the style of e-bike that fits your needs and consider where and how you plan to use your e-bike, you'll want to think about certain features you want, such as a throttle. In this chapter, we'll cover everything you need to know about throttle controls.

What's the Difference Between a Pedal Assist Electric Bike and a Throttle Electric Bike?

Pedal Assist vs Throttle E-Bike Graphic

A pedal assist e-bike only provides assistance when you push the pedals and engage the motor. With pedal assist, you can choose your preferred level of assistance. Most bikes have three to five levels of assist, ranging from low to high. You don't have to think about engaging pedal assist for it to work. You can enjoy your ride, and the pedal assist will kick in as you pedal depending on the level of assistance you set it at.

For example, if you choose a low setting, you'll experience a little pedal assistance while you pedal harder and get a workout. A high setting, on the other hand, will get you where you need to go quickly and with a lot less effort than a low setting. A throttle e-bike propels the bike forward without needing to pedal. All of our e-bikes have both pedal assist and throttle capabilities.

How Does an Electric Bike Throttle Work?

An e-bike throttle functions similar to a motorcycle. The throttle controls are usually found on the handlebar. To engage the throttle, you simply twist the handlebar, and the bike will accelerate. Let go of the throttle, and the bike will stop.

Some e-bikes feature a thumb throttle, which requires pushing the throttle button to engage the motor.

Why Choose a Throttle?

A throttle can be a great option to have and enhances the e-bike experience. Instead of needing to pedal to increase power, a throttle gives you a boost on demand, which can really come in handy in certain situations. For example, you can use a throttle to:

  • Move up a hill from a stop without needing to pedal first
  • Easily maneuver around obstacles
  • Get a quick boost to power through intersections
  • Catch up with your biking companions

Also, if you find yourself unable to pedal for any given reason or in need of a quick break, a throttle provides relief. Overall, a throttle gives you more power and control, and it makes biking less intimidating — especially for those who haven't biked in a while. It's up to you whether you wish to use this feature or not, so if you're ready to tackle a hill throttle-free, you can. But, if you're tired after a day of work or a long ride, the throttle will support you like a good friend.

Do All Electric Bikes Have a Throttle?

Even though a throttle is a useful feature, not all electric bikes include a throttle. At Juiced Bikes, we wanted to create the best e-bike experience possible for all kinds of riders, and for that reason, all of our bikes include a throttle and pedal assist, so you can reap the benefits of both. Most of our bikes also feature advanced torque sensors to give you more power the harder you pedal. To learn more about our e-bike features, browse our site, or contact us for more info.

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