Celebrating Our Favorite E-Bike Commuters

Celebrating Our Favorite E-Bike Commuters

Raise your hand if this has happened to you — you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic running late to work when suddenly a cyclist on an e-bike zooms past you like they don’t have a care in the world. The congestion clears after an eternity, and you pull up to your workplace only to find a packed parking lot. After muttering some choice expletives, you desperately scan the lot looking for an open spot when you peep the same cheery cyclist who zipped past you earlier had already parked their e-bike right in front of your workplace — and had enough time to enjoy a breakfast burrito from your favorite food truck. You shake your head and continue to look for parking…until your car sputters to a dead stop because you forgot to gas up amidst your frenzy to get to work on time. End scene! 

Even if you have never dealt with this series of unfortunate events (lucky you!), you can still appreciate just how much better an electric bike can make your daily commute. Thousands of weary commuters fed up with terrible traffic, parking woes, and insane gas prices are happily switching from cars to e-bikes — and you can make the move, too. To celebrate Bike to Work Day and hopefully inspire you to choose a less stressful way to commute, we’re excited to share stories from some of our favorite Juiced Bikes commuters! 

Dr. Ryan McCorkle

Logging more than 7,000 miles on his Juiced bikes over the past five years commuting to St. David’s Medical Center and Austin Emergency Center, Dr. Ryan McCorkle is an all-star Juiced commuter. Ryan first began biking to work back in Buffalo, New York, during his emergency medicine residency, but he upgraded to a Juiced bike once he moved to Texas so he wouldn’t arrive at work sweaty but could still ride home with less pedal-assist for a stress-alleviating workout. His HyperScorpion can hit speeds of 30 mph and features integrated turn signals, brake lights, and a loud horn to help him get to work quickly and safely. 

 Juiced Bikes Favorite Electric Bike Commuters Dr Ryan McCorkle

Ryan also uses his Juiced bike to commute to his other gigs as a backstage medical professional and doctor for the University of Texas football and Austin FC soccer teams. “Those rides are all 10-15 minutes on the e-bike and I’m inside the venue, where in a car it would take at least 45 minutes to battle traffic, find a parking spot and get into the venue,” says McCorkle.

Besides the unbeatable convenience, Ryan loves the mental and physical benefits of commuting via electric bike. “When you’ve been in the ER for 8-12 hours pretty stressed out, it’s a godsend to de-stress and ride that e-bike around a little bit before you come home,” he says. “It gives you a chance to unwind, to feel the wind on your face and look at the beauty of the city.”

Chris Devaney

Ever wondered what it’d be like to travel the country soaking in all the natural splendor with your very own eccentric e-bike “gang”? Broadway backstage sound tech and avid electric bike enthusiast Chris Devaney did exactly that! After taking her friend’s CampScrambler for a spin, Chris was hooked on Juiced Bikes — she immediately bought the same bike and embarked on countless group rides with her buddies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. 


Juiced Bikes Favorite Electric Bike Commuters Chris D

The beautiful bonding moments Chris shared with her riding buddies inspired her to take their camaraderie to the next level — an opportunity she gladly seized at the Texas State Fair, where the crew piled into a van wearing animal costumes to take pictures and show off their awesome e-bikes. “People were coming up to the van and asking to take pictures with us…it was such good, fun, beautiful energy with friends and strangers that we had really been missing since the pandemic started,” says Devany. The crew had so much fun at the event, spontaneously coining themselves “The Vanimals” and vowing to enjoy more e-bike excursions together. 

Chris currently calls New York City her home, where she commutes to work every day on Broadway riding one of her five Juiced bikes (that would be three Scramblers, a HyperScorpion, and a Founder's Edition HyperScrambler 2!). Her daily commute ranges from 20 – 40 miles roundtrip, depending on her work schedule. "The best part is my daily commutes went from something I dreaded to my absolute favorite parts of my day because I get to ride my bike. It is pure joy. Even in the rain. Even in the snow. Even in 8-degree weather with wind gusts of 50+ mph. The. Best. Part.," gushes Chris. To date, the Vanimals' leading lady has logged more than 11,000 miles on all her Juiced bikes — and at the rate she's going — this is only the beginning!

Bryan Deleon Guerrero

Retired Marine Staff Sergeant, flight student, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor — you could call Bryan Deleon Guerrero a jack of all trades. Being on the go constantly in his gas-guzzling SUV spurred Deleon Guerrero to switch to a commuter e-bike so he never had to pay for another tank of ludicrously expensive gas again. Bryan wisely opted for a Scorpion for commuting duty and loved the freedom, functionality, and fun that only a high-performance e-bike can deliver. “Never did I think that I could survive living in San Diego without a car,” he said after a nearly 21-mile commute one day that included rides to the gym, flight school, and his favorite study spot. “After today, I realized that riding the e-bike is something that I want to do beyond today. I want to see how long I can carry that streak and replace driving my car with riding the e-bike.” More power to you, Bryan! 

Juiced Bikes Favorite Electric Bike Commuters Bryan

Rethink Your Commute With an Electric Bike

Ryan, Bryan, and Chris are shining examples of riders who fully leverage all the benefits of e-bikes to save time, money, and stress on commuting. However, we understand that e-biking to work isn’t realistic for everyone. If you’re wondering if you can commute with an electric bicycle, ask yourself questions like:

  • How many miles is my commute roundtrip? Can the riding range of an e-bike handle my commute? (our CrossCurrent X can go over 80 miles on a single charge!)
  • Are the roads I ride on bike-friendly?
  • Are there places where I can charge my e-bike at work? 
  • Do I live in an area with frequent inclement weather where biking may not be the best commuting option?
If everything gels with the above factors, commuting on an e-bike is an excellent choice that will not only lower your carbon footprint but save you the stress of worrying about parking, skyrocketing gas and insurance prices, and provide endless opportunities for ridiculously fun low-impact cardio exercise. Take our bike quiz and find an e-bike perfect for crushing your commute!

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