Essential E-Bike Features for Women

Essential E-Bike Features for Women

The Weekly Squeeze

Ah, Mother’s Day weekend — a joyous occasion where we celebrate motherhood and the remarkable women who immeasurably brighten up our lives. In the spirit of this holiday, it seems like a fantastic opportunity to recognize the rapidly changing face(s) of e-bike riders over the last few years. Before 2020, electric bikes weren’t on many people’s radar, and the few that owned these revolutionary micromobility vehicles were predominantly men. But as more and more people discovered the many benefits of e-bike ownership, female riders became the fastest-growing group of electric bike enthusiasts. Moms, in particular, have embraced e-bikes with open arms (and big grins!) and help drive e-bike manufacturers to rethink and refine the safety, functionality, and efficiency of their entire model range.

If you’re shopping for a new electric bike for yourself or a lovely lady in your life, here’s a rundown of the must-have features female riders desire in their e-bike. 

Juiced Bikes Essential Electric Bike Features for Women Functionality


Electric bikes appeal to such a broad range of riders partly because they’re a highly functional mode of transportation — and for women — this is doubly true. Modern e-bikes have advanced to the point where many female riders effectively use them as a replacement for their cars. Long gone are the days when e-bike riders broke out in cold sweat over range anxiety — the ultra-efficient Juiced Bikes line-up offers long-lasting batteries for unbeatable riding ranges, from 35 miles to over 100 miles on a single charge! This expansive riding range gives female riders the freedom to go farther and do more with their e-bikes, whether it’s breezing through congested commutes or exploring the great outdoors. 

Expanding on this formidable functionality, electric bikes can deliver surprisingly spacious cargo-carrying capacity. Certain Juiced bikes like the HyperScorpion Express feature an extra-wide modular rear rack to accommodate cargo bags and crates, but you can easily upgrade other models with storage racks to securely store groceries, work gear, and more. And because all Juiced models pack potent motors generating best-in-class power, you can effortlessly lug around your gear without straining yourself or your e-bike. 

Another perk of such a highly-functional fun machine is that they’re so easy to ride that other family members can enjoy them. Not only does this make for plenty of opportunities for physical activity, but it also relieves moms from daily chauffeur duty!

Juiced Bikes Essential Electric Bike Features for Women Riding Comfort

Riding Comfort

Hobbling around after a rough ride or toppling over after trying to mount your e-bike isn’t a good look. That’s why women of all ages look for an e-bike that provides a smooth, comfortable riding experience. Getting on and off an electric bike can be a bit tricky for shorter female riders or those with physical mobility challenges. Thankfully, Juiced Bikes offers step-through models like the RipCurrent S Step-Through and CrossCurrent X Step-Through to make gracefully mounting and dismounting your bike a breeze. 

Another important consideration is the overall weight of an e-bike. Riders are often surprised to learn that electric bikes weigh anywhere from three to five times as much as traditional bikes. Many female riders report that the extra heft gives their e-bike a reassuring "planted" feeling during rides, but those concerned about living with a heavier bike should check out lightweight e-bikes like the RipRacer. It's also worth mentioning that this is our most size-inclusive e-bike and has an adjustable seat (with a convenient carrying handle) to accommodate riders from 5' to 6'3".

Female riders also appreciate cruising on an electric bike with a nice cushioned seat with ample support for short and longer rides. Juiced riders rave about the cushy extra-large saddles on the HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler 2 bikes. Both bikes’ dual suspension and fat tires also seamlessly absorb bumps for a supremely comfortable riding experience over almost any terrain. 

Complementing the comfort quotient is a smooth and responsive pedaling experience achieved through Juiced Bikes’ advanced torque and cadence pedal assistance. This innovative technology works together to deliver precise power based on how hard riders pedal. Riders love this smooth, seamless, and intuitive power delivery that instantly responds to every input!

Safety & Reliability

Moms aren’t the only riders who place safety and reliability at the top of their e-bike must-have features checklist — the class-leading safety and bulletproof dependability offered by every Juiced bike gives any rider the ultimate peace of mind. On the subject of safety, Juiced Bikes is one of the first e-bike companies to equip its entire model range with SGS certified to UL 2271 batteries, providing the industry’s best rating for fire protection. Taking rider safety a step further, Juiced Bikes is in the final stages of earning certification to UL 2849 standards, which offers fire safety certification for all e-bike electrical systems. 

Another essential e-bike safety feature you should look for is hydraulic disc brakes. Your average cyclist will hit speeds of around 12 mph on traditional bikes, but riders on certain e-bikes can zoom past 30 mph! These breathtaking speeds demand the heavy-duty stopping power delivered by front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a standard safety feature on all Juiced Bikes models. Don’t settle for an e-bike that has anything less! In addition to hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll want an e-bike loaded with other premium safety features like rearview mirrors, turn signals, an ultra-bright headlight, a brake light, and a loud horn. (Yup, you guessed it — all available features on Juiced bikes!)

Moving on to reliability, the last thing you want is for your e-bike to leave you stranded by the side of the road or out in the wilderness. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap, poorly-engineered electric bikes on the market right now, tempting riders with a seemingly low price but ultimately shortchanging them with subpar safety features and questionable reliability. On the other hand, Juiced Bikes are meticulously built bikes designed, engineered, and supported by a passionate team of e-bike experts in San Diego, California. From the moment you purchase your bike to routine services down the road, you can confidently enjoy miles of smiles knowing that your adventures are backed by a world-class team of seasoned e-bike technicians with decades of experience. 

 Juiced Bikes Essential Electric Bike Features for Women Style


When it comes to electric bikes, you’ll want a chic model that has the irresistible curb appeal to match its performance, functionality, and safety. Juiced Bikes offers a complete collection of smartly-styled e-bikes to suit any aesthetic, from ruggedly handsome fat-tire bikes to sleek and stylish commuters to striking moped-inspired models. Whichever bike style you fancy, you’re sure to revel in eye-catching styling touches like custom-designed cast aluminum wheels, motorcycle-style headlights, and fetching frames finished in an assortment of head-turning colors. 

The Wrap-Up

Electric bikes are officially all the rage now, and with good reason — they’re a refreshing reimagination of tried-and-true transportation that blends rider engagement and everyday functionality with the versatility, efficiency, and exhilaration of electric power. The universal appeal of e-bikes transcends gender, and more and more women want to be a part of this movement to revolutionize how we get around our world. We hope the popular e-bike features highlighted in this blog help make your Mother’s Day shopping a bit easier and enjoyable. Explore our extensive collection of e-bikes and use code MOM200 at checkout to save $200 on any full-price bike!

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