Fishing With An E-Bike: A Really Good Catch

Fishing With An E-Bike: A Really Good Catch

In our Summer Exploring Series, we’re showing you some of the ways to amp up your summer adventures with a Juiced e-bike. From camping to fishing and everything in between, your new electric bike will take you as far off the beaten path as you’re willing to go! 

It’s a peaceful morning at the lake. You found your favorite fishing spot. And they’re already biting. You can’t believe your luck, because no one else is around. But it’s not just luck you have to thank, as your best catch was actually the e-bike that you rode down to the water. It’s a complete game-changer! At first glance, electric bikes and fishing seem to have little in common – other than both can be simultaneously relaxing and exhilarating. But how do they mesh? Perfectly…Because when you use an e-bike, instead of a car, to go fishing, you’ll quickly discover new off-the-beaten-path spots to drop your line. 

Juiced Bikes Fishing With Your Electric Bike

Extend Your Reach

Think about it: You typically drive a car to your local lake, park your car, and then walk to a popular fishing spot – same as everyone else. So you’re likely competing for fish. But riding an e-bike lets you explore further than you typically would on foot. With ranges starting at 45+ miles on a single charge, Juiced Bikes are your go-to fishing accessory. That means you can set up shop in places that are too far from the parking lot for other anglers to reach by walking. Plus you can easily access areas and trails that cars and camper RVs cannot. This can bring on an entirely new level of serenity and privacy, where all of the fish are yours for the taking. And because you have your e-bike to quickly take out to a remote spot, you’ll likely arrive much earlier than everyone else. Even the hot summer sun won’t slow you down or tire you out while you’re commuting to your spot! Plus if the fish aren’t biting at one locale, you can quickly move to another on an e-bike – even those that are spread far apart. Why waste valuable time walking? Going fishing via an e-bike allows you to hook the bait quicker. And unlike arriving by car or off-road vehicle, you’ll show up much more quietly on a stealthy e-bike, so you won’t be disturbing your surroundings or disrupt any wildlife – or other fishermen. 

Juiced Bikes Fishing With Your Electric Bike Extend Your Reach

Being At One With Nature

Perhaps best of all, an e-bike is eco-friendly – perfect for the Great Outdoors. You’re not polluting what’s likely the beautiful and peaceful nature around you. It’s no wonder e-bike usage is quickly becoming popular in the angling community. You spend more time fishing and less time getting there. If you haven’t already noticed, e-bike rentals are popping up now at popular fishing spots and tourist lake destinations, as well. But why rent? If you currently own a Juiced Bike, you’re already set to have a great time on your fishing trip! And if you don’t, then check out these Juiced models that can handle trails and off-road terrain with ease -- while greatly improving your fishing experience. They’re Mother Nature-approved. 

What to Bring

Arm your e-bike with the right equipment – beyond fat tires that can easily handle dirt or sand trails, and steep ones at that – and you’ll arrive much better prepared for a day at the lake, river, brook or stream. For starters, you need fenders for any muddy or wet paths you might negotiate. And a headlight on your e-bike will help on those early mornings and late evenings, too. Then there are attachments: You can strap a tackle box and more fishing gear to a rear rack; hang waterproof pannier bags on either side of the rear wheel to hold all of your extras; mount a wooden or plastic milk crate for supplies and a cooler; or attach a rear trailer to schlep larger items. The RipCurrent S is one of the ideal bikes for fishing as it comes fully equipped with all the bells and whistles you need! E-bikes can easily transport your fly rods and other gear, too. In fact, you can attach a bike fishing rod holder – yes, it’s a real thing – to the side of the rear tire, so you don’t have to hold it while you pedal. You can even rig your e-bike to hold rod tubes and a net. There are many how-to YouTube videos showing helpful step-by-step instructions. Needing less energy to pedal, you can carry more on your back as well via a backpack. Or sling a two-piece rod case over your shoulder. Other items you may want to bring include a camera, extra food, Kolpin grips, bait and hooks. Wet waders can also pack boots and neoprene socks. Remember that on the way home, you’ll need a place for all the fish you catch too. 

Juiced Bikes Fishing With Your Electric Bikes Fishing Essentials

Ready to head out and try fishing this Summer? An e-bike will make your fishing trip off the hook by extending your reach and allowing you to spend more time in the great outdoors! If you already own a Juiced Bike, you’re all set to head to your favorite fishing spot. And if you don’t own an e-bike, then check out these Juiced models that can conquer off-road paths trails!

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