Tora Harris Introduces the New RipRacer

Tora Harris Introduces the New RipRacer

The Weekly Squeeze

I'm really excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Juiced Bikes family: the brand new RipRacer! Over the last couple of years, e-bike popularity has exploded in the U.S. and now more riders than ever are finally getting to experience the fun of riding an electric bike. When we designed the new RipRacer, we were thinking about all of these new riders. This truly is an e-bike engineered for everyone. 

Because of its lighter frame, it's actually become my own daily commuter... and easily fits in an elevator, up the stairs, and in our apartment (where space is very limited). Yes, I love making and riding super fast, super powerful e-bikes with massive motors and batteries! But, I also love riding a nimble, slightly smaller e-bike that helps me navigate through daily life in an urban environment. I also love the idea of as many people as possible experiencing the joy of riding an e-bike. RipRacer is really the perfect solution for riders who value price and convenience, but still want a reliable, well-equipped and safe electric bike.

 Juiced Bikes Introducing RipRacer Lineup

Let’s take a closer look at RipRacer: 


What’s New?

The lighter and slightly smaller RipRacer frame design makes it our most size inclusive model ever! The whole family will be fighting over who gets to ride the new RipRacer. With a standover of 29.9” this model is great for heights 5ft-6’3. Most states across the country do not allow riders under the age of 16 to ride Class 3 e-bike models. So for the first time ever we are also offering Class 2 and Class 3 model options. Which means we have a speed class for wherever you are riding, or whoever is riding.   

As with all Juiced Bikes, our newest model is jam packed with safety and performance features. Front and rear hydraulic brakes offer precision stopping at higher speeds (a must for interacting with traffic out on the road). The RipRacer also features a brake sensor which cuts the power to the motor while braking. Each RipRacer is equipped with a super bright front light and integrated rear brake light for safer riding in the dark. 

One of the most exciting features of the new RipRacer is our new and upgraded 52-volt battery platform. We are also debuting our newest battery design, with a handle to install/remove your battery with ease. The battery also has a slot for an Apple AirTag so you can keep track of your ride, a more water resistant design, and is compatible with an ingenious new docking station that will be available in 2023. This new battery is compatible with our 2 and 4 amp chargers. Check out our RipRacer FAQ for more information. 

Juiced Bikes New Battery Platform

Faster and Farther - Is Class 3 For You?

The Class 3 version of the RipRacer will feature a 52V/15Ah battery for a riding range of 55+ miles. This RipRacer model will be able to go up to 28mph using the pedal assist while in Race mode. The twist throttle will still be limited to 20 mph. The Class 3 RipRacer will feature our advanced LCD Screen allowing you total control over your ride experience. So if you are looking to commute a bit farther or just have a need for speed this version of the RipRacer is the one for you. 

Juiced Bikes Introducing RipRacer Class 3

There and Back - Is Class 2 For You?

The Class 2 RipRacer will offer a 52V/10Ah battery for a range of 35+ miles. Class 2 models are limited electronically to 20mph on both the throttle and the pedal assist. Which means if you have strict regulations in your area or you aren’t a speed demon this is a great model for you. Featuring a simplified LED display this bike will have a single button start and 5 levels of pedal assist. This model is a great price point and perfect for quick trips around the neighborhood, class or campus. 

The NEW RipRacer begins pre-selling on 11/26. The first batch of RipRacer e-bikes are scheduled to start shipping to pre-order customers in March 2022. Make sure to sign up for an exclusive RipRacer discount and special early ordering access here.


General Information

Q - What is new about this e-bike? 

A - The RipRacer is our most accessible-sized and lightest weight e-bike! The open frame design gives riders with limited mobility, young adults and shorter riders better mounting/dismounting accessibility, while still being comfortable for taller riders with its adjustable seat. Initially, this model is available in a Class 2 or Class 3 option - so riders can stay within controlled speeds or have the freedom to put it in Race-mode and go up to 28mph. Click HERE for more information on Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes. RipRacer will also debut our newest battery technology - with a more water resistant design, functional handle, Apple AirTag compatible and, eventually, compatible with a new Juiced battery docking station. The RipRacer is available in 3 new colors (Baja Blue, Mystic Green and Hi-Viz yellow), plus a classic matte black. 

Q - Tell me more about the new battery. 

A - The battery features a more water resistant design, Apple AirTag integration (to track your e-bike), a handle for easier carrying, a visible charge meter, and is docking station compatible (docking station available in late 2022). The new battery is compatible with a standard 2 and 4am charger. The new Juiced docking station is a portable power superstar and is capable of using your e-bike battery power to charge up other small electronics. More information on the revolutionary docking station will be available in 2022.  

Q - How can I get the best price on a RipRacer?

A - By signing up with your email: here. This will give you access to early purchasing and a $50 OFF code in addition to the special introductory pricing we’re offering to pre-order customers.

Q - Who is the RipRacer ideal for?

A - Almost Everyone! Older teens, young adults, entry-level e-bike riders, anyone looking for a reliable and fun e-bike at a very affordable price!

Q - What heights can the RipRacer fit?

A - The RipRacer is ideal for riders 5' - 6'3, with a standover height of 29.9”.

Q - What colors does the RipRacer come in?

A - The RipRacer comes in 4 NEW colors Baja Blue (glossy), Noir (matte black), High-Viz Yellow (glossy), Mystic Green (glossy).

Q - How much does the RipRacer cost?

A - The introductory, pre-order price for the Class 2 configuration is $1399 and the Class 3 configuration is $1599. We recommend pre-ordering as early as possible because the price will go up once the bike is in-stock!

Q - How many speeds does the RipRacer have?

A - This model has a single-speed transmission, 12T - 52T High Ratio Gearing.

Q - Does the RipRacer come with fenders?

A - This model does not come standard with fenders, however we are working on a full assortment of accessories, including a fender kit, for the RipRacer that will be announced soon.

Q - What kind of tires will the RipRacer come with? 

A - The RipRacer is equipped with 4” x 20” knobby off-road tires. 

Q - When will my order ship?

A- The first batch of RipRacer e-bikes will begin shipping in March 2022. It’s important to order early to ensure the earliest possible delivery of your desired color and model configuration (Class 2 or Class 3).

Q - How much does the RipRacer weigh?

A - The RipRacer weighs 54.5 pounds without battery and 67lbs with the battery.

Q - What kind of transmission does the RipRacer come with?

A - The RipRacer features a single speed transmission, with a 12T-52T ratio. The high ratio gearing allows you to pedal comfortably at higher speeds without “hamster-wheeling”.

Q - Can I upgrade to a larger battery later?

A - Yes, both RipRacers are compatible with any of our 52V batteries which can be purchased separately at a later date.

Q - I already have a Juiced model, am I able to use my current 52V/19.2Ah or 15Ah battery on the RipRacer?

A - Yes, all 52V Juiced Batteries will be compatible with the RipRacer and are interchangeable.

Q - I already own a 4 amp or 8amp charger from Juiced, can I use those to charge my RipRacer battery?

A - The RipRacers new battery design can be charged using a 2 amp or 4 amp chargers from Juiced. The RipRacer e-bike will come standard with its own 2 amp charger. The 52V/15Ah RipRacer can be used with the 8 amp programmable charger, however the 52V/10Ah pack is not compatible with the 8A charger. 

Q - What motor does the RipRacer come with?

A - The RipRacer features a custom 750W, 5:1 geared hub motor for higher torque output.

Q -​​ What kind of pedal sensor does the RipRacer have?

A - Both of the RipRacer models feature a 12 pole cadence sensor.

Q - What is the warranty on this product?

A - We offer a 1 Year warranty on electrical/mechanical components and frame upon factory default. For more information on our policy View our warranty here.

Q - How do I find what bike size is for me? I have my inseam size.

A - The standover height for the RipRacer is 29.9”. 

Q - Does this model have GPS?

A - We do not currently offer a GPS service but the new battery design features a hidden compartment to place an Apple AirTag so you can track your bike’s location. The Apple AirTag cannot be purchased from Juiced at this time. 

Q - How do I assemble my RipRacer? 

A - For more information on how simple it is to assemble a Juiced Bike, check out assembly instructions for a similar bike, the RipCurrent S.

Q - Can I get different tires or a different tread in replace of the stock tires?

A - The model comes stock with off-road tires, sized 20" x 4". You can switch the tires to any post market tires which fit the rim specification. All models ship as standard, customizations are not available at this time. 

Q - `What kind of accessories are available for the RipRacer?

A - We’re currently working on developing accessories exclusively for the RipRacer and will be announcing more details soon. Right now, the RipRacer is compatible with our Phone Mount, Horn/Alarm and Turbo Charger.

Q - Does the RipRacer come with front suspension?

A - The RipRacer has a rigid BMX style aluminum fork. 

Q - Does the RipRacer come with rear suspension? 

A - The RipRacer has a hardtail style suspension. A rear suspension seat post can be purchased here. Keep in mind that adding a suspension seat post will raise the minimum seat height. 

Q - Can the bike be ridden in the rain? 

A - Yes, this model can be ridden in light rain conditions. The battery is water-resistant (IP65) but not waterproof and there are other components on the e-bike which can be damaged by water. It is a good idea to heat shrink your cable connections and LCD screen for extra precaution. Make sure your model and battery are completely dried down before charging. If you have any more questions, our Support Team's available at

Q - Does the RipRacer have cruise control? 

A - Yes, the Class 3 RipRacer has a cruise control function. The class 2 RipRacer does not have cruise control. However if you upgrade the display to the Advanced LCD display, cruise control will be available on the class 2 RipRacer. 

Q - Does the RipRacer Have a Brake light? 

A - Both Class 3 and Class 2 RipRacers have brake lights as well as an always on function that activates when the headlight is turned on. Brake lights are not required by law for e-bikes but are a useful safety feature. 

Q - Can a water bottle cage be used? 

A - Yes the RipRacer has 4 standard mounting rivets for the water bottle cage or other standard water bottle cage accessory. 

Q - Does the Class 3 RipRacer have Race Track Mode (“R” Pedal assist) found on your other e-bikes

A - Yes, The RipRacer has Race Track Mode which allows the pedal assist to assist the rider beyond 28mph. However in Race track mode the throttle is limited to 20mph per regulation. If you are on a non-public road and wish to have a throttle that goes beyond 20mph, you will need to purchase the Off-Road throttle kit. 

Q - Is there an off-road Throttle Kit for the RipRacer? 

A - We are working on a full assortment of accessories for the RipRacer that will be announced soon.

Q - Can the RipRacer be serviced at a normal bicycle store? 

A - Yes! The RipRacer mechanical parts are bicycle industry standards and can be serviced at a normal bicycle repair shop. 

Q - Are the RipRacer brakes mechanical or Hydraulic? 

A - Both Class 2 and Class 3 RipRacer uses the hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes have significantly more stopping power than mechanical brakes and can self adjust as the brake pad wears down. 

Class 2 Model FAQ’S

Q - What is the top speed for the Class 2 RipRacer?

A - The Class 2 RipRacer will have a top speed of 20 mph on both the throttle and pedal assist.

Q - What size motor does the Class 2 RipRacer have?

A - The Class 2 RipRacer features a custom geared hub motor with 750W nominal/1040W peak at 20 amps.

Q - What is the range for the Class 2 RipRacer?

A - The Class 2 RipRacer will come with a 52V/10Ah battery for a range of up to 35+ miles.

Q - What kind of display does the Class 2 RipRacer come with?

A - The Class 2 RipRacer will come with a basic LED display. It features one button operation with 5 levels of pedal assist.

Q - How much is the Class 2 RipRacer?

A - The Class 2 RipRacer’s special introductory pricing is $1399

Class 3 Model FAQs 

Q - What is the top speed of the Class 3 RipRacer?

A - The Class 3 model is capable of speeds up to 20mph on throttle-only and up to 28mph using pedal assist.

Q - What size motor does the Class 3 RipRacer have?

A - The Class 3 RipRacer features a custom 750W nominal/1300W peak at 25 amps.

Q - What is the range for the Class 3 RipRacer?

A - The Class 3 model will come with a 52V/15Ah battery for a range of 55+ miles.

Q - What kind of display does the class 3 model come with?

A - The Class 3 model will come with our advanced LCD display giving you total control over your riding experience. This display has the same functions as our other Class 3 e-bikes: RipCurrent series, CrossCurrent series and Scorpion series and Scramblers.

Q - How much is the Class 3 RipRacer?

A - The Class 3 RipRacer’s special introductory pricing is $1599.

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