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SAN DIEGO, 2 July 2019Juiced Bikes is excited to announce the release of their new CrossCurrent S2 electric bike. One of the most popular e-bikes in the U.S. market, the CrossCurrent model has been a staple of the company’s product portfolio since 2015. By offering a 52-volt battery in the new S2 edition, the best-selling model now delivers more speed, more power, more range, and more efficiency. 

“Let’s face it, when it comes to e-bike performance, consumers are interested in speed, power, and range,” said Tora Harris, CEO and Founder of Juiced Bikes, when revealing details of the generously engineered CrossCurrent S2, “and, a 52-volt battery is essential for fueling a truly elevated e-bike experience.” Committed to delivering stunning performance at consistently affordable prices, Juiced Bikes is the only major manufacturer to offer a standard 52-volt battery on e-bikes with a retail price of less than $3,000. Harris continued, “As much as we’re focused on providing unparalleled performance features, like a larger battery and proprietary pedal assist technologies, it’s equally important that our bikes are accessible and affordable.”

Upgrading the CrossCurrent S2 with a larger battery, Juiced Bikes is now the only major manufacturer in the electric bike market to offer a 52-volt battery on their entire portfolio of e-bikes. The vast majority of electric bikes offered in both the U.S. and global market include a 36-volt or 48-volt battery. Juiced Bikes’ promise to deliver ‘a faster, farther, and more efficient ride’ are clearly reinforced with such a significant enhancement to their bike lineup. 

Widely regarded as an ideal commuting alternative, the CrossCurrent line is a carefully refined, versatile, and a highly efficient transportation solution. The new CrossCurrent S2 continues that tradition, and with a larger 52-volt battery the upgraded model can reach 28mph (class 3) speeds with an insane riding range of up to 100 miles! Featuring a powerful 750 watt motor that peaks at 1,300 watts, the CrossCurrent S2 also includes racing mode functionality allowing pedal-assisted speeds up to a whopping 33mph. Additional premium features include the company’s signature Dual Pedal Sensor Technology (Torque and Cadence Sensors) for smooth and responsive pedaling, an advanced LCD matrix display customized for commuters, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 9-speed transmission and much more. 

The new CrossCurrent S2, priced at just $1,799, is now available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes exclusively at JuicedBikes.com. As a special introductory promotion, the company is also offering a free rear rack and fenders kit ($169 value), available only while supplies last.

In addition to the CrossCurrent S2 and the fully-loaded CrossCurrent X, Juiced Bikes will continue to offer their top-selling RipCurrent and RipCurrent S fat tire e-bikes, the top-rated line of Scrambler e-bikes (including the CampScrambler, CityScrambler, and HyperScrambler).

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