A Whole New Way to Get Juiced!-Introducing the NEW G2 52 Volt-Battery Pack

A Whole New Way to Get Juiced!-Introducing the NEW G2 52 Volt-Battery Pack

The Weekly Squeeze

For over a decade, Juiced Bikes has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of e-bike battery innovation and technology.   To ensure we're always raising the performance bar, we've engineered an all-new and highly upgraded 52-Volt e-bike battery platform. The pack, designed by Juiced Bikes and exclusively available for Juiced e-bike models, is a huge leap forward in the electric bike market. To celebrate the arrival of the G2  platform, and for a limited time, we're offering our new 52-Volt 15.4Ah and 52-Volt 19.2Ah batteries at a very special pre-order price. This value is totally unmatched in the electric bike market and offers an incredible assortment of performance features. Including:

Easier to Use - One of our goals in updating the battery design was making the battery easier for all riders to use. The NEW G2 52-Volt battery offers a more ergonomic battery design, equipped with an easy-grip handle for quick installation and removal. 

G2 Battery Easier to Use

Updated security - One of the biggest concerns for new or seasoned e-biker owners is how to prevent theft.  The new G2 52-Volt battery features an integrated compartment designed for an Apple AirTag (AirTag not included), so you can keep track of your ride in the unfortunate event of theft. Updated security protection also includes a lockable power button to prevent unwanted tampering. This power button placement also keeps moisture away from your battery.

G2 Security Compartment

Range Monitoring - Banish range anxiety with the updated built-in Battery LED level meter. This design feature solves a common problem for electric bikers: quickly accessing your battery range at a glance without turning on your e-bikes LCD screen. This is a fantastic feature for the daily commuter or e-bike delivery driver who may be switching batteries out regularly. If you have ever dreamed of owning a second battery to get EVEN MORE range out of your bike, the introductory pricing makes owning a backup battery more accessible than ever!

Better Weather Endurance - A fully concealed dual fuse compartment offers you more protection from the elements, and the lockable power button keeps water away. These design details make the G2 52-Volt Battery IP65 water-resistant to protect your investment. 

Better weather resistance

On the Go Power! - One of the most exciting new features of the new G2 battery pack is its compatibility with our new PowerShift docking station. Available for pre-order in late 2022, this super functional power device will revolutionize your riding experience, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously using your Juiced Battery as a generator. 

Whenever you choose a Juiced Bike you get the added benefit of always having the most powerful battery on the market. Juiced Bikes is one of the only e-bike brands exclusively using the higher capacity 52-volt battery. Our updated power pack continues the tradition of massive power and is featured in both 52V/15.4Ah and 52V/19.2Ah options. The 52-Volt 15.4Ah offers a range of up to 45+ miles and 808 watts of power. And the even bigger 52-Volt 19.2Ah batteries offers a whopping range of up to 70+ miles and 987 watts of power and power speeds up to 30+mph.  Enough power to explore and more!

Don’t let your adventure be limited by range anxiety! The G2 52-Volt battery is compatible with all 52V Juiced e-bikes. So if you already own a Juiced Bike, the best time to pick up a second battery to extend your ride is now while they’re available at this special price. Click here to pre-order!

And if you’re considering buying a Juiced Bike equipped with  the NEW G2 battery, check out the RipRacer on presale now.

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