How to Buy an Electric Bike

How to Buy an Electric Bike | From Computer to Garage

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The recent electric bicycle boom has likely caused many riders to reconsider their traditional bike. Seeing the joy and exhilaration on the faces of e-bike riders as they effortlessly whiz by is enough to make even the most seasoned cyclist envious. If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and are ready to start your own e-bike adventure, but unsure where or how to start your search for the perfect ride, you’ve clearly come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the ideal electric bike for your lifestyle, budget and riding conditions.

How Will You Ride?

The first thing to consider when buying an electric bike is deciding how you will ride. Will you be using your e-bike for commuting to school or work? Looking for a mountain bike replacement with serious motor power for climbing hills? Planning to get lost on an exciting e-bike adventure? Or just looking for a stylish, and eco-friendly, electric vehicle for short-trip riding around your city? The good news is that there are electric bikes for every type of rider!

Commuter Bikes like our CrossCurrent X are perfect for getting to and from work due to their included rack and fenders to hold your belongings and keep your back dry from any wet streets.

If you’re looking to spice up your grocery runs, a cargo bike like our HyperScorpion Express is perfect as the extra spacious basket and rack provide plenty of room for your fruits and veggies.

Thinking about hitting the dirt with your electric bike? An off-road e-bike like Juiced’s RipCurrent S and HyperScrambler 2 will take you wherever you’d like to go and help you get lost for hours on a battery powered adventure.

A lot of riders want an electric bike that has a style similar to a motorcycle. These electric cruiser bikes are perfect for open roads, gravel, or dirt depending on the tires. The Scrambler by Juiced Bikes meets these qualifications as the model has a motorbike style with the technology and safety features of an electric bike. Also not the mention that it just looks pretty cool. Throw a passenger kit on the bike to ride with a friend and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for an electric bike that is comparable to a moped or scooter then a bike like Scorpion or HyperScorpion would fit your needs. This bike has a step-through frame which allows for easy mounting. Featuring a headlight for high visibility and a rear rack to carry your belongs.


Motor And Battery

The two main components that make up an electric bike are the motor and the battery. The drive system used by an electric bike are typically hub motors or mid drive motors. Hub motors sit in the rear wheel and work independently of the rest of the bike. These motors use magnets to propel you forward.

Mid-drive motors are attached to the pedals and chain to give you extra power. Hub motors are the most common motors used today and the type used by Juiced Bikes since they are preferred by most riders. Mid-drive motors are known to cause chain damage and we want our riders to stay riding, not repairing.

The second most important aspect of an e-bike is the battery capacity. We all want to ride as long as possible, so getting a strong battery is crucial. Volts and amp hours are common phrases used to describe batteries. When volts are referenced this means the strength or force of the battery.

Higher volts means the more energy the battery is capable of pushing. 36V batteries are common in electric bikes as are 48V batteries. Juiced Bikes on the other hand use a whopping 52V for serious power, that’s where the Juice in our name comes from.

Amp hours refers to the battery’s capacity, higher Ah means the battery can run for longer. This number is a measure of the watt hour produced by the battery. Juiced Bikes batteries come with 13Ah and 19.2Ah which is above average when compared to other bike manufacturers.

It’s important to consider what you would like out of your battery. Are you looking to ride up and down hills quickly or is cruising on flat land more of your style? If hill crushing is in your future then look for a battery with higher voltage. This will deliver the power you need to quickly reach the top of any summit.

However, you have to sacrifice some miles per change if this is how you tend to use your e-bike.

On the other hand if you are looking for simple cruising then a battery with lower voltage and high amp hours would be best so you can hit the open road without range anxiety worrying how many miles are left on your charge. An added benefit with more amp hours is not having to charge your bike after every ride.


Pedal Assist or Throttle

Want to ride without doing much pedaling or just looking for a little extra power in each push? Most electric bikes come with pedal assist and throttle which allow the rider to choose how much energy to draw from the bike. Juiced Bikes have 5 levels of pedal assist which the rider can easily switch between depending on how much energy they would like to use or how fast they would like to ride.

The on-demand throttle function is a fan favorite as this allows users to reach their desired speed from a dead stop. This is very helpful when riding uphill or keeping up with traffic.

After getting on an electric bike you can easily find your preferred style of riding. Are you an easy going pedaler or do you prefer to reach top speed with the twist of the throttle? Many riders prefer to accelerate using throttle and then pedal to maintain that speed. Or turn pedal assist off and pedal your bike without any additional power like a traditional bike.



Many states have different laws when it comes to electric bikes. A majority of states mandate that the speed of the bike classifies them into different categories of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. From here each classification of bike has different regulations. For example, Class 2 e-bikes can not exceed 20 miles per hour and Class 3 e-bikes can not exceed 28 miles per hour. 

Additionally states have laws that require helmets to be worn while riding. For example California, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, and Ohio require that all riders of Class 3 electric bikes must wear helmets while in use. E-bike’s still fall into traditional bicycle laws meaning that if your state requires helmets for certain groups then a helmet must also be worn on an electric bike.

Before purchase an electric bike please look into your local ordinances and decide if you can comply with these rules. Safety always come first, especially when riding an electric bike.



Numerous factors can go into your decision regarding which e-bike would be best for you. Anything from your riding style to the amount of power you need, there are many components to consider. However, no matter what bike you end up with, the most important part is to just get riding!

Allow yourself to get lost on a trail or just around your neighborhood and learn more about your own backyard. Book a test ride today so you can experience the true exhilaration that comes when the motor kicks in and you start flying down the road.


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