The Return Of a Legend: Meet the NEW Scorpion X2!

The Return Of a Legend: Meet the NEW Scorpion X2!

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SHIPPING UPDATE: The new Scorpion X2 has arrived and is ready to ship soon. Orders received through September 22nd, will begin shipping on Friday, September 29th!  

Answers to frequently asked questions: 

Is this an update to the HyperScorpion? NO, the Scorpion X2 is an update to the original base model Scorpion. For the same price, the X2 includes a bigger battery and motor, more power and riding range, plus upgraded all-terrain tires. This is the most battery and motor power available in the e-bike market for under $1500. 

Will there be a new HyperScorpion? YES, we are developing an update to the popular HyperScorpion, but that new model will not be available until Spring/Summer 2024. 

When will the Scorpion X2 ship? The first batch of X2 models (in blue and black) are arriving now (week of September 19th) and will be ready to ship to customers starting September 29th... plenty of time to ride and enjoy before winter! 

What is the difference between the Scorpion X2 and the HyperScorpion? The biggest difference is the price! For a limited time, the Scorpion X2 is just $1,499 while the close-out HyperScorpion is $1,999. The HyperScorpion features a 19.2Ah battery, the Scorpion X2 features a 15Ah battery. The HyperScorpion also includes rear view mirrors, torque pedal assist, turn signals and an integrated alarm. 

Representing the latest evolution of our legendary e-bike line, the brand-new Scorpion X2 is a pulse-quickening two-wheeled thrill machine engineered to excite! Drawing from decades of e-bike engineering expertise and fueled by our passion for performance, we amped up everything Juiced riders loved about the original Scorpion, from power and riding range to off-road capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at all the formidable features and awesome enhancements that make this moped-style electric bike an epic ride!

Juiced Bikes The New Scorpion X2 Infographic

More Power, More Speed

Who said absolute power corrupts absolutely? There’s nothing impure about the Scorpion X2’s savage 1,000-watt rear hub motor, which can generate 1,300 watts of peak power perfect for conquering steep hills and urban traffic! You’re always in complete control of all this pure power with 7 pedal assist levels that you can adjust on-the-fly using the included advanced LCD. Turn off pedal assist completely for a rigorous workout, engage Race Mode to zoom to speeds up to 28 mph, or use the twist-throttle to zip around without pedaling at all. You can instantly tailor your ride from mild to wild whenever you desire! And when you need to slow things down quickly, the Scorpion features high-performance hydraulic disc brakes to offer powerful, reliable, and fade-resistant stopping power.

Juiced Bikes Introducing the New Scorpion X2 Upgraded Battery

Upgraded Battery, Huge Riding Range

When it comes to e-bike batteries, bigger is always better! That’s the mantra we followed when we equipped the Scorpion with a huge 52 V/15.6 Ah battery pack. Ride farther than before — this massive G2 battery supplies enough juice to give you a robust riding range of over 55 miles on a single charge. Best of all, our latest and greatest battery pack is SGS Certified to UL 2271, meaning it earned the world’s best rating for e-bike battery fire protection. 

Juiced Bikes Introducing the New Scorpion X2 Knobby Tires

All-Terrain Knobby Tires

For those adventurous riders who’d rather take the road less traveled, we enhanced the Scorpion with a set of all-terrain knobby fat tires. These meaty off-road e-bike tires deliver superior grip and ride quality when the road gets rough, so you can confidently tackle any terrain. Combined with the Scorpion X2’s fork suspension and full fender kit, the fun doesn’t ever have to stop when the pavement ends or the weather gets wet! 

Juiced Bikes Introducing the New Scorpion X2 New Colors

New Color Options

With classic moped-inspired styling and sharp design touches everywhere, the Scorpion X2 definitely goes big on head-turning curb appeal. To really bump up the eye candy, you can order your bike in three eye-catching colors: Black, Blue and Lava. Whether you like to fly under the radar with a stealthy sleek color like black or leave a lasting impression with stunning orange Lava, your Scorpion will inspire e-bike envy anywhere you go.

Experience a Truly Epic E-Bike 

The Juiced Scorpion X2 continues our legacy of exceptional high-performance electric bikes that offer an unbeatable blend of performance, comfort, utility, and safety. And now, you can pre-order your Scorpion for an exclusive price of just $1,499! But act fast, once the X2 goes in-stock the price increases to $1,899. Bikes begin shipping in late September.

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