Skip the Costly Gas Pump & Ride an E-Bike!

Skip the Costly Gas Pump & Ride an E-Bike!

Double takes at the astronomically high gas prices have been all too common for many Americans in recent months, and the rising cost of gas has become an enormous burden. Many have had to adjust their monthly budgets to afford the meteoric prices. The average cost of gas in California, according to AAA, is $5.43, which is 32 cents higher than a month ago. As gas prices skyrocket, transportation alternatives and lifestyle changes quickly become a financial necessity for American consumers. One of the most popular alternatives, and with good reason, is replacing some (or all!) of your car miles with an electric bike. As millions of Americans have already discovered, electric bikes are incredibly cost-efficient, offer exceptional functionality and convenience, and are an absolute blast to ride! 

All the Ways to Save: 

Let’s start with the most pressing and obvious way to save money by riding an e-bike instead of a car: LESS GAS! With gas prices increasing so sharply, it’s estimated the average American will spend $4,000 on gas this year. Possibly up to $5,000 if prices continue on this trajectory. Compare that to the shockingly low cost to charge an e-bike, estimated at around $30 per year according to Eco Cost Savings. Not only are you saving thousands of dollars at the pump, you’ll be pitching in to help reduce global dependency on oil and reducing carbon emissions. 

The money you save on gas will nearly pay for a new electric bike, but the savings don’t stop at the pump. Maintenance on an e-bike is a tiny fraction of what it costs to maintain a car, and insurance isn’t a requirement for owning or riding an e-bike. In urban areas, riding an electric bike will also save you hundreds, maybe thousands, in parking fees. And, for many riders, their e-bikes have become a primary method for exercising, eliminating expensive gym memberships. 

Juiced Bikes currently offers another big financial incentive for its customers: 0% financing on all e-bike purchases when you qualify through Affirm. Start saving and riding now with in-stock electric bikes shipping in just a few days. The joy of zipping past cars AND the pump on a new high-performance Juiced bike is truly a ride like no other!

To find the best e-bike for your riding needs, use our interactive e-bike selector quiz!

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