Juiced Bikes Announces E-Bikes TUV Certified to UL 2849 Standards

Juiced Bikes Announces E-Bikes TUV Certified to UL 2849 Standards

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Say you’re eyeing a spiffy new e-bike that’s loaded to the fenders with all the latest bells and whistles — including a battery that’s certified to UL 2271 standards for maximum e-bike battery fire protection.

Way to go! You’re well on your way towards safeguarding yourself against those dangerous electric bike fires you’ve probably seen in the news. But your battery is just one of several vital electric system components in your e-bike — parts like the wiring, controller, and motor should also feature first-rate fire safety certification like UL 2849.

With fewer than five percent of e-bike brands sold in the U.S. certified to UL 2849 standards, it can be challenging finding the perfect bike sporting this essential safety seal of approval. Well, look no further! All current Juiced Bikes models, including the RipCurrent S, RipCurrent, RipRacer and CrossCurrent X models, are now TUV certified to UL 2849 AND SGS certified to UL 2271 standards for the world’s best fire safety protection!

What Is UL 2849?

UL Enterprises has been the top independent safety science organization for over 100 years that evaluates and certifies products as safe for consumers. UL is the most respected nationally recognized testing laboratory — and the only testing lab acknowledged worldwide. A product undergoes rigorous durability, resistance, and longevity testing in order to conform to a UL safety standard. For enhanced quality control, UL tests each part of the product separately.

According to UL Enterprises, UL 2849 offers electrical and fire safety certification by evaluating e-bikes’ electrical drive train system, battery system, and charger system combinations. UL 2849, the Standard for Electrical Systems for eBikes, covers all e-bikes and the risk of electric shock and other potential electrocution hazards during charging over its lifespan.

Here is just a glimpse at how in-depth UL 2849 testing goes when evaluating e-bike electrical system components:

Battery cell: 

  • Electrical or environmental susceptibility 
  • Mechanical integrity

Battery pack:

  • Prevention of fire propagation 
  • Battery management system functional safety

Electric motor:

  • Material and electrical safety 
  • Control system functional safety

Battery charger:

  • No electric shock or fire hazard 
  • Compatible to power requirement of the hose

Electric bike:

  • Charge and discharging within battery limits 
  • Temperature within battery limits 
  • Susceptible to adverse conditions from application and environment 
  • Interrupt charging when error with host or charger

This internationally-recognized standard is truly the most trusted, comprehensive fire safety certification a product can earn — so why doesn't every electric bike manufacturer have their bikes certified? 

Simply put, the evaluation and certification process is expensive and time-consuming, so most e-bike brands skip this essential rider safety measure and rush their products to the market. Unfortunately, this misstep sometimes leads to product defects, fires, and, tragically, injuries or even deaths.

All Current Juiced Bikes Models Are Compliant With NYC’s E-Bike Laws

On March 20, 2023, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed an initiative into law requiring e-bikes, e-scooters, e-mobility devices, and light electric vehicle (EV) battery packs to be certified by a third-party organization. 

This law mandated any company selling, leasing, or distributing micromobility devices, such as e-bikes or e-scooters, must obtain certification from UL Solutions or another National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to UL 2849 and 2271 standards. 

Now that Juiced Bike’s current model line-up is certified to UL 2849 and 2271 standards, they comply with New York City’s latest e-bike safety regulations — including Local Law 39! Any new electric bikes to the Juiced lineup will also be tested and certified to UL standards to maintain compliance. The new Scorpion X2 e-bike is currently being UL tested and certified, which will be finished by the end of the year. 

Ride With the Ultimate Peace of Mind

When e-bike manufacturers go the extra mile certifying their bikes to UL standards, they go the extra mile to protect riders and the public’s safety. The holistic approach that UL 2849 takes by evaluating all important electric system components for fire safety gives Juiced riders unparalleled peace of mind knowing they’re riding one of the safest, most exquisitely engineered performance e-bikes around. And when you’re investing so much time, money, and passion in your e-bike, why settle for less?

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