New CrossCurrent S frames in detail

New CrossCurrent S frames in detail

Every improvement is geared towards making the CrossCurrent S the best electric commuter bike ever made. This bike is turning out to be the hottest bike we have ever produced.

The initial batch of bikes can be pre-ordered now. 

Here we take a little time to point out some of the minor changes that we managed to get onto the new frames.


  • Improved the geometry to fit a wider range of riders. We are also adding a XXL size. Now the CrossCurrent S and CrossCurrent AIR have nearly the same frame geometry. 

  • Reduced the height of the seat tube slightly to better accommodate the suspension seat post. This also reduced the stand over without changing the overall geometry. 

  • Step thru frames can fit the larger Super and Hyper Extended range packs. 

  • If you have the bigger battery packs, it might block access to the down-tube cage mounts. Added an upper water bottle cage which can be used for mounting bottles, Bluetooth speakers, folding locks and other accessories.

  •  Added a rear kick stand mounting plate and now the CrossCurrent S comes with a rear adjustable kickstand. Now the pedals do not interfere with the kickstand when you push the bike around with the kickstand deployed which can be annoying if you have to back your bike out of crowded areas. 

  • Improved the rack mounting bosses and now we have our own racks! We will go into this in more detail later. 

            There are other little things that we changed and some minor details that are not really documented in the video. We improve our products very fast and try to plan for backwards compatibility with every step. 

            New CrossCurrent S Frame Geometry and Fit Guide


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