Riding with Juiced: An Electric Love Match

Riding with Juiced: An Electric Love Match

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Life is all about finding the right match. In the case of Tony and Cherise Barkley – who have been married for 22 years – it was discovering the magic of Juiced Bikes which added even more thrill to their relationship. Currently motoring across America in their RV full time, the travel ambassadors and active-life coaches wanted to do more side exploring. So last July, they found the perfect travel companion, the Juiced RipCurrent S e-bike. With their new high-performance electric bikes, Tony and Cherise gained more than just a fun, new way to ride, they've also grown their professional and personal horizons. 

Juiced RipCurrent S Happy Riders

Wanting more short-trip options during their RV travels, Cherise and Tony initially investigated buying a customized golf cart, but their curiosity was piqued when they saw an e-bike zoom past them while riding their bikes around Virginia Beach. Competitive as they are, and avid mountain bikers, Cherise and Tony instantly knew once they saw that speedy e-biker that THIS was the mobility solution best suited for their lifestyle. That’s when the Barkley’s scrapped plans for the golf cart and opted for e-bikes instead. 

After doing a ton of e-bike buying research, including watching videos of Juiced founder Tora Harris on YouTube, Tony and Cherise decided on Juiced. “Tora is really passionate about these e-bikes,” says Tony. “Being business owners, we know the importance of leadership. He’s been in the game with batteries and things of that nature for a while. Seeing him in the videos and being so hands-on, we knew that Juiced was a solid company that would stand by its product. And we just fell in love with the RipCurrent S. We needed something with a lot of power, and had just a great experience before, during, and now after the purchase.”

Juiced RipCurrent S Across America

The Barkleys particularly loved that their Juiced e-bikes deliver unmatched riding range and power, while also looking and feeling extremely sturdy. After riding for a few months, the couple quickly discovered their e-bikes allowed them to expand the ground they cover, and meet more people – much more so than simply parking at an RV park

“Before getting the e-bikes and before traveling, it was pretty much work, work, work. Now we’re able to enjoy the things that we love. Our kids laugh at us and ask how many more bald eagles, squirrels, blue herons and alligators we’re going to take pictures of. My response is as many as our Juiced Bikes will take us to see.”

Their favorite e-bike location? Jekyll Island, Ga., where they went 25 miles along the ocean – even trudging through driftwood and sand. “It’s one of the most beautifully pristine places in the country,” says Tony. “But without those bikes, we couldn’t explore it or do it all. While we were there, I told Cherise that I had a moment of feeling - not just like a kid - but very light and at peace. The hardest thing for us is getting off of our e-bikes, especially for me.” 

Juiced RipCurrent S on the Beach

After owning and riding their Juiced Bikes for eight months, Tony and Cherise agree the greatest gift their e-bikes have provided is the opportunity to be outside, exploring more of the country, and being able to experience so many magical moments together. Tony says, Because of Juiced Bikes and our ability to ride together, it enhances our love and shared experiences. Matter of fact, I gotta get her to slow down!”  Are you ready to start your next big adventure? Find your own perfect match today!

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