Electric Bike Dictionary

Electric Bike Dictionary

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Shopping for an electric bike, but don't know an amp from a volt? E-bike terminology can be confusing, but Juiced Bikes has you covered from A-Z! 

Our electric bike dictionary allows you to quickly lookup e-bike terms and break down even the most complicated words. Make sure you bookmark this page to use it as a quick guide when researching e-bikes AND when you finally choose the perfect one for you!


Acorn nut: Not a snack enjoyed by a squirrel but a nut that fully covers the end of a bolt or axle. It’s often used on axles that stick outwards to prevent scratching.

Juiced Bikes Acorn Nut

Allen Wrench: Also known as ‘hex key’ this hexagon-shaped tool is used for tightening or loosening hex screws, which are found in many places on a Juiced Bike, like the handlebar’s faceplate. These screws are used for extra strength over traditional phillips head screws. 

Amp Hours (Ah): Amp hours refer to the amount of amperage a battery can provide for one hour. When shopping for e-bikes you’ll see this listed as (Ah) after battery voltage. Example: Our batteries range from 52V/10Ah to 52V/19.2Ah. Why is this important? The higher the amp hours and volts, the longer you can ride your electric bike!


Brake Sensor: An essential safety function, the brake sensor senses when the rider pulls the brake levers and turns the motor off. This stops the power to the throttle and pedal assist too so you can brake quickly and safely. 

Bottom Bracket: The hollow cylindrical tube that connects both pedal cranks and allows the rider to pedal. Most electric bikes have cadence sensors located in or mounted on your bikes bottom bracket. [See Cadence Sensor] 

Battery: The juice that Juiced Bikes is named after. A shell filled with high-capacity cells which contain energy that is converted to power to fuel your electric bike adventures. Learn more about our new revolutionized 52-volt G2 Battery.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Battery

Brushless Motor: New and improved motor build which does not spin the internal coil unlike previous brushed hub motors. This causes less wear and tear in addition to being more affordable to maintain. The Juiced HyperScorpion, Scorpion X and HyperScrambler 2 come with brushless motors.


Cable Connector: This is where your electric cable pins come together. It is vital to check your cable connections as often as possible prior to riding to prevent performance issues on the road. 

Cadence SensorThis sensor consists of a series of magnets, typically 12 or more, and is located on the bottom bracket of your e-bike. As these magnets are engaged by the rotation of the cranks and pedals, they communicate with the controller and motor to give you a boost of power. [See Pedal Assist] 

Cam Lock: A cam lock is a clamp which keeps quick release components in place. A cam lock located on the front axle of your e-bike will help you remove the front wheel quickly and easily for travel or storage. You may also see a cam lock located on your e-bikes seat tube, this is super handy for quick seat height adjustments without having to pull out a wrench. 

Class: Electric bikes are categorized into different classes based on speed. If the top speed of an e-bike is 20 MPH with no throttle then that is classified as Class 1. Class 2 bikes can feature a throttle and pedal assist but can not accelerate over 20 MPH. Class 3 e-bikes can reach speeds over 28 MPH and can additionally feature throttle and pedal assist.

Controller: Just like the human brain, the controller communicates with all the electronic components of your e-bike via the system of cables like a spinal cord. Juiced Bike’s Advanced LCD Display can help you check your controllers temperature, because just like a human brain it can’t function properly if it gets too hot. 

Cassette: The stacked collection of gears attached to the rear wheel which allow for several different levels of mechanical assistance while riding. 

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Casette

Crank Arm: The arm that attaches the platform pedal to the bottom bracket of the bike.


Derailleur: The device attached to the cassette which moves the bike chain from gear to gear.

Downtube: The part of the bike frame that faces the underside of the bike. Unlike the top tube, this piece is necessary for supporting the structure of the frame. 

Disc Brakes: Disc brakes include a metal rotor around each wheel and are attached to brake pads which allow the bicycle to stop. These brakes, which are found on ALL Juiced Bikes, are higher quality and necessary for high electric bike speeds.


Electric Bike: An electric bicycle is a motorized vehicle bike with an integrated electrical motor that propels the bike forward as you pedal or use the throttle. E-bikes come in different styles and offer many different components that provide safety, performance and function.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Electric Bike

Electronic System: The easiest way to think of your e-bikes electronic system is any component of your bike which assists you electronically. This may be your battery, your controller, LCD display, wires etc. [See Mechanical System]


Fat-tire: When the tire of a bicycle is 4” or above, this tire would be classified as a ‘fat-tire’. Fat-tire e-bikes are popular due to their all-purpose riding and smooth cruising. 

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Fat Tire

Fork: Part of the bike frame connected to the bike's head tube and connected to each side of the wheel hub that holds the front wheel on to the bike.

Fuses: The fuse is an important component of an electric bike battery as it’s responsible for preventing a dangerous level of current flow from the battery. Fuses keep the battery from frying and are replaceable on Juiced Bikes which mean our batteries will keep you cruising for a long time.

Fenders: Also known as mudguards, the piece of plastic or aluminum that covers the tires of the bikes that keep dirt, debris, and water off the rider and off the bike. Get some fenders for your Juiced Bike! 

Frame: The main component of a bicycle in which all other elements are added. There are many different styles of frame from diamond, step-through, moped, taco, and folding.


Gears: The different levels of mechanical assistance available on your e-bike. By shifting gears you can make it easier or harder to pedal depending on the terrain and rider preference. 

Grips: The rubber around the end of the handlebars of the bike. Such as the ergonomic grips featured on our RipCurrent and CrossCurrent models.


Handlebar: The steering wheel of the bicycle, the bars are equipped with grips that make operating the handlebars easier. There are many different styles of handlebars such as dropbar, bullhorn, upright, and batwing.

Headlight: The light attached to the front of the bike which illuminates your path during night rides. Every Juiced Bike is equipped with a headlight that’s integrated to your battery's power. 

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Headlights

Head Tube: The tube on the front of the bicycle frame which holds the fork in place and allows for the stem and handlebars to be mounted as well. The headset is mounted into or pressed onto the head tube.

Headset: The bearing assembly that keeps your fork attached to your bicycle and allows you to turn and steer the fork. The headset is located in or pressed into the head tube of the bike.

Helmet: A necessary life saving device in case of a bicycle collision or crash! Get one now and never ride without one.

Hub: The center of a bicycle wheel contains the hub which is an important part of the wheel. The hub contains the axle that connects to the frame and fork and holds the wheel in place and allows it to spin freely. The hub also connects all the spokes together that support the weight of the bike.

Hydraulic Brakes: A hydraulic brake system is a braking mechanism that uses brake fluid to transmit force into the system. Hydraulic brakes will give you better stopping power at higher speeds and better modulation. 


Integrated: Incorporated into the bikes design and electric system, drawing power from the bikes battery, as well as working with the bike’s components to initiate brake-like indicators. 

Innertube: The rubber casing inside your tire that holds air to cushion your rides. If you get a flat but it does not cause damage to the tire you can replace the innertube and reinstall the original tire. Stock up on innertubes before the pop to decrease downtime!


Juiced Bikes: Created on the sunny shores of San Diego, California Juiced Bikes is a leading electric bike company offering innovative and top-performing electric transportation alternatives. Pioneering electric bike technologies for more than a decade, Juiced Bikes is one of the most trusted and top-ranked in the electric bike industry.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Juiced Bikes


Kickstand: The mechanism that allows your bike to stay upright while not inuse.


Lock Ring: A lock ring is used to secure the cassette to the free-hub of the rear wheel.

LCD Display: The electronic screen on your handlebars that displays your pedal assist level, miles per hour, and all other real time metrics that are calculated while you ride.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary LCD Display


Mag Wheel/Rim: Similar to the wheels found on a car, mag wheels do not have the traditional spokes found on most bikes but instead is one piece. Mag wheels are more stable at high speeds but are typically less flexible than spoke wheels which means that mag wheels are not great for off-road riding. 

Mechanical System: Anything which assists you mechanically on your e-bike – these elements are most easily recognized as the same parts available on a regular bike: Gears, brakes, shifters etc. 

Mid-Drive Motor: Instead of a rear hub motor on the rear wheel, mid-drive motors power the pedals through the chain of your bike. 


Newton Meters (NM): No, this is not a unit of measurement based on the distance of Fig Newtons laid end to end. Newton Meters are a unit used to measure torque. 1 NM = .738 pound-feet. The average electric bike has 50-60 NM of torque but the average Juiced Bike has 80-90 NM depending on the model. 


Open Nut: The classic nut imagined when working with a bolt and nuts. It differs from an acorn nut as the remaining length of the bolt sticks out past the open nut.


Pedal Assist: Riding an electric bike is different from riding a traditional bike because with every rotation of the pedals the motor engages and takes you further than the rider would travel on a normal bike. There are 5 levels of pedal assist on all Juiced Bikes depending on your riding style: Eco, 1, 2, 3, Sport and Race.

Pedals/Platform Pedals: The flat pieces of metal or nylon that you put your feet on. Juiced Bikes uses platform pedals.


Quick Release: This typically refers to anything with a cam style locking mechanism - this mechanism allows you to remove or adjust something on your e-bike without busting out a wrench. Depending on the model your front wheel or seat post could be “quick release.” 


Rotor: A brake rotor is a metal disc affixed to each wheel hub that runs in between the brake pads in the brake calipers on the bike frame and front fork

 Rear Hub Motor: The rear hub motor is situated in the center of the back wheel of the bicycle and powers it forward. All Juiced Bikes are equipped with a rear hub motor as this type of motor is easier to maintain and preferred by many riders. 

Rear Rack: Attached to the back of the bicycle above the rear wheel, a rear rack allows the rider to carry their belongings on a ride stress free.

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Rear Rack

RelayRack: A Juiced Bike exclusive, the RelayRack is a rear rack that has an attachment that allows riders to securely attach a basket to their bike without the use of bolts, zipties, or bungee cords. This works in tandem with theRelayRack Adapter Kit that attaches to many accessories such as baskets and lets riders quickly swap between them. Shop RelayRacks.

Rim: The rim is part of a bicycle wheel that attaches to the spokes and holds the tire onto the wheel. 


Serial Number: Every bicycle is embossed with a unique serial number to help identify the bike to the owner. The serial number on a Juiced Bike can be found on the head tube of the bike right below the Shield logo.

Standover: A very important measurement when it comes to shopping for an electric bike or any bike. The standover height is typically measured from the highest point of the bike's top tube straight to the ground. 

Step-Through: This is another name for an open frame e-bike design. In the past a step-through has also been classified as a “girls bike” as it would allow a rider to wear a skirt while riding. Currently, step-through frames popularity are on the rise as open frames allow ALL riders comfort and accessibility at different heights and flexibilities. View Juiced Bikes step-through models.

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Step-Through

Spokes: These pieces of metal connect the rim to the center hub of the wheel. The spokes support the weight of the rider and bicycle by transferring and distributing the weight among the many spokes. 

Saddle or seat: When riding a bicycle, riders place their buttocks on the saddle to support their weight. One of the more important components of a bike to get an accurate fit as an uncomfortable saddle will discourage riders from hitting the road often. There are many different types of saddles and usages depending on the type of bike or riding style. Performance saddles which are firm and usually used by cyclists or cushioned saddles meant for a comfortable ride. Select Juiced models come with Gel saddles for a plush fit. Check out our seat upgrades

Suspension Seat post: Useful for riders with sensitive backs or anyone who would like a smoother ride; a suspension seat post is built with shock absorbers into the seat post and under the saddle to smooth out the impact taken from rough roads. Get a smooth ride on your RipCurrent and CrossCurrent models!

Stem: The stem of a bicycle connects the handlebars to the steerer tube of the fork. There are different types of stems such as threadless (fixed position), adjustable (able to move forward and backwards, and quill (L shaped for extended height and reach).  

Slime: A green goop that is poured into the bikes innertube which fills any leaks or holes that may cause flats. Smart riders stay prepared with slimed tires to prevent leaks before they happen. If riding a fat tire bike, 2 bottles of slime may be necessary to coat the entire tube. Shop flat-preventing slime!


Top Tube: The top tube of a bicycle is part of the frame that usually runs from the seat tube to the head tube parallel to the ground. Some bikes will have an angled top tube for easier mounting of the bike or no top tube at all which is called step-through or an open frame. 

Thumb Throttle: On the handlebars of the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent and CrossCurrent models you will find a thumb throttle which engages the motor to power your bike when you push on the lever. All Juiced Bikes reach 20mph when using the thumb throttle.

Torque Sensor: Part of the pedal assist mechanism, the torque sensor is responsible for sensing how hard the rider is pedaling and triggering the motor to output an equal amount of power. Founder and CEO Tora Harris describes this as “a truly bionic feeling.” [See Pedal Assist] 

Torque Rating: Rated torque is the maximum continuous torque available at the design speed that allows the motor to do the work without overheating. This is typically measured in Newton Meters(NM). Why is this important? When shopping for an e-bike this translates into how much available power you have to conquer hills and power higher speeds. 

 Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Torque Rating

Torque WrenchA torque wrench is a tool used to apply a specific torque to a fastener. It’s important to make sure that the nuts and bolts are tightened to the proper torque spec. Over tightening can cause damage to parts of your bike and under tightening can cause parts to loosen and lead to accidents. 

Transmission: The transmission of a bicycle refers to the gears located on the hub of the rear wheel. This component houses the many gears of the bike and works with the derailleur to shift up or down based on the riders preference. [See Cassette] 

Trip Odometer: Located in the LCD display the trip odometer can record your distance traveled per ride.

Tire Liner: A thin piece of plastic that lies in between the tire and the innertube which protects the tube from debris that may pop the tube. If you’re prone to flats, this may be your new best friend. Prevent flats now!

Trigger Shifter: Located on the handlebars, the trigger shifter is powered by the thumb and pointer finger that when pressed engages the derailleur to shift up or down a gear.

Twist Shifter: Similar to the trigger shifter, the twist shifter is located on the handlebars of the bicycle and changes the bike's gears with a twist of the throttle.

Twist Throttle: Similar to that of a motorcycle, the twist throttle is located on the handlebars and engages on its twist. Twisting the throttle can take your 20-30MPH depending on the Juiced Bikes model.


U-lockA heavy gauge metal lock used primarily for securing bicycles. The U-lock gets it's name from a 'U' shaped metal rod that has cutouts at each end to fit into a horizontal locking bar. Widely considered to be one of the best bicycle locks. Shop locks to keep your bike secure!


Valve Stem: A valve stem is a basic feature of your wheel/rim that keeps your tires inflated, allowing you to add or remove air as needed. It plays a critical role in tire and wheel safety. 

Volts: Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit's power source that pushes charged electrons (current) through a conducting loop, enabling them to do work such as illuminating a light. In brief, voltage = pressure, and it is measured in volts (V). Juiced Bike’s boast an impressive 52V battery that is standard on all our bikes compared to many other electric bike brands which typically have 48V batteries. This means a stronger performance of get-up-and-go power!

Juiced Bikes Electric Bike Dictionary Volts


Watts (W): A watt is the basic unit of electric, mechanical or thermal power. Watt (W) is the fundamental unit of electrical power, and is a rate unit, rather than a quantity. The higher the watts, the stronger the motor. The wattage of a bike is helpful when deciding which bike to purchase based on your riding style. Commuters might not need 1,000W but off-roaders that need a lot of power will definitely need as many watts as possible. Juiced Bike’s have 750W and 1,000W motors with high peak performance. The HyperScrambler 2 for example has a 1,000W motor with a peak of 2,000W which means that it can almost double its power output for a short amount of time in case of steep hills or quick escapes. When shopping for an electric bike BEWARE as many e-bike companies advertise their motor wattage by its peak performance. For example the e-bike will be listed as 750W motor when it’s really a 500W motor with a peak of 750W. At Juiced Bikes, we advertise the true motor size first and provide the peak performance in our technical specifications.

 Watt Hours (Wh): A measure of electrical energy equivalent to a power consumption of one watt for one hour. This is different from watts because watt hours is the measurement of the amount of power from the watts. Think of this as similar to a heart rate. Anyone can get their heart rate up but only strong hearts can maintain that high BPM for the long duration of their workout.The more watt hours a bike has the longer it can sustain power. 

Warranty: When shopping for an e-bike, it’s important to look for a warranty policy in case your e-bike has an unforeseen problem. Check out Juiced Bike’s warranty here. 


XLR Connector: Every Juiced Bikes battery charger has a cable that plugs into the battery called the XLR connector. This connector is a cylindrical shape with 3 prongs that securely attaches to the battery charging port.


YouTube: Every e-bikers best friend, check out our full collection of how-to and support videos, plus features on all Juiced Bike’s models on our YouTube Channel.  


Zip ties: You’re gonna need them. Zip ties are what keep your cables in place, making sure your cables don’t get clipped by any of the bikes moving components.

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