The NEW RipCurrent S: More of What Riders Love!

The NEW RipCurrent S: More of What Riders Love!

The Weekly Squeeze

Four years ago, Juiced Bikes launched the RipCurrent S, our first super premium fat-tire electric bike and it quickly became our best-selling e-bike. It was everything we wanted  and everything riders love: versatile, rugged, powerful, and oh-so-fun to ride. Tough enough for off-road escapades but smooth enough for urban errands and cruising on city streets. The ultimate e-ride. After a quick round of high-fives, we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves, “What would make the RipCurrent S even better?”

The answer: our NEW RipCurrent S. Upgraded with a huge 1000-watt motor (1300-watt peak output), the upgraded G2 52-Volt battery, retuned pedal-assist programming and so much more! The New RipCurrent S is a high-powered, hill-climbing, heart-racing update to one of our most popular e-bikes, delivering smoother take-offs, incredible functionality, and unparalleled power. 

Let’s take a closer look at the upgrades included with the New RipCurrent S and RipCurrent S Step-Through electric bikes.

RipCurrent S Old vs New Comparison

More Powerful Than Ever

This beast of an e-bike packs a powerful punch with a larger 1000W motor powering speeds of 28+ mph. The existing RipCurrent S model featured a 750W motor and offered a sizable torque rating of 80NM (Newton Meters), while the newest model features an incredible torque rating of 90NM! A higher torque rating helps with hillclimbing, faster take-offs, and supports the new higher weight limit of 300lbs. 

New RipCurrent S More Powerful Than Ever

Next Level Electrical System

We couldn’t update the RipCurrent S without adding our newest battery pack technology! This upgraded bike features the new G2 52-Volt Battery Pack. A revolutionary update to our 52-Volt system, this pack has an ergonomic design fitted with a handle for easier installation and removal. It also includes bonus security features like the lockable power button and hidden Apple AirTag compartment (AirTag not included) so you can keep your ride safe. The upgraded RipCurrent S features a HUGE 52V/19.2Ah battery that powers a 70+mile riding range on a single charge. This e-bike will take you everywhere AND anywhere you want to go!

New RipCurrent S Electrical System Update

Refining the overall pedal experience was one of our primary objectives, and the new controller has nailed it. Retuned pedal-assist algorithms plus the higher torque from the new larger motor add up to our peppiest pedal response ever! 

It’s All in the Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!  The new RipCurrent S features an updated, single-piece full fender that is sturdier, more durable, and delivers excellent coverage and protection from the elements. Plus, we added a better-fitting rear rack to ensure cargo is safely secured. Improved cable connections increase reliability and prevent damage, and a reinforced downtube creates a stronger frame. 

Unmatched versatility, increased power, and style. Your new ride is calling you. 

The absolute pinnacle of both off-road power and street-savvy performance, the NEW RipCurrent S is a thoughtfully redesigned electric masterpiece, engineered for more haul, quicker pickup, and ultimate functionality. 

For a limited time, all fame styles, colors and sizes of the New RipCurrent S are available with an exclusive $200 pre-order discount. The new model will begin shipping in May. Perfectly timed to fuel  all of your summer adventures.

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