Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: July 17, 2020

Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: July 17, 2020

The Weekly Squeeze

We've spent most of the week receiving and shipping HyperScorpion e-bikes. Our team is making great progress and working really hard to get all open orders shipped out as quickly as possible. Yesterday, we finished shipping all of our Indiegogo orders for the blue Hypers. By next Wednesday, we're planning to have ALL IGG orders for the black and brushed aluminum Hypers shipped!

Here is an updated HyperScorpion shipping schedule for July and August: 


We'll be finishing our weekly Scorpion updates at the end of July. The last two updates will include a shipping confirmation for all open orders and a final report on the status of Scorpion accessories, including the Passenger Kit and the Off-Road Throttle Upgrade Kit. 

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe! 



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