Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: May 29, 2020

Scorpion & HyperScorpion Update: May 29, 2020

The Weekly Squeeze

I realize this week’s update is a bit delayed, but the first batch of blue Scorpions just arrived at our San Diego warehouse and we wanted to share some photos! These bikes will begin shipping to Indiegogo backers early next week and we’ll continue to do our best to use the first-ordered, first-shipped system. 

I’m also really excited to report that I’ve shipped the first batch of HyperScorpion e-bikes. These were sent to our U.S. headquarters on Wednesday, and projected to arrive at our San Diego warehouse during the third week of June. The black Hypers will be completed first, followed by the blue and then the brushed aluminum. We typically produce our e-bikes in color batches to optimize production and, ultimately, expedite delivery. Shipments to our Indiegogo backers will begin in late June. Needless to say, we have A LOT of HyperScorpions to produce and ship and will be working overtime to ensure we’re getting them out to future Hyper riders as quickly as possible. 


Next week, I’ll be sharing a very detailed overview of the new HyperScorpion, and all of the highly upgraded features on what is absolutely the best e-bike in its class. This will be the longest and most comprehensive update video of the Scorpion series, but there are a ton of great features on the HyperScorpion and we want to make sure we show you everything! 

At our San Diego warehouse this week, we’re finishing the shipments of ALL Indiegogo orders for the black Scorpion and will now begin shipping bikes to customers that ordered a black Scorpion directly from our website from November, 2019 through February, 2020. 

Production on the Tall Seat accessory has been completed and will be shipped out to customers in June. This item, which adds 2.6” to the seat height, is currently available for pre-order on our website: I’ll be sharing more details on the Passenger Kit accessory next week. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we approach the finish line in fulfilling all of the Scorpion and HyperScorpion e-bike orders. While we may be winding down with the Scorpion updates, there are some exciting new projects on the horizon that I can’t wait to start sharing this summer. 

Have a safe and happy weekend!





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