Scrambler Update - Securing Frames and Custom Lights

Scrambler Update - Securing Frames and Custom Lights

The Weekly Squeeze

The Scrambler Indiegogo campaign is only in the first couple of days, but already we need to start securing certain key parts to avoid delays.

The next couple of days are super-duper flat out. We are hitting up suppliers to check to see if things are on track.

Frames can be challenging and can take a long time. We have to estimate what we think we need and secure this capacity.

For the LED lights, we could just buy the cheap plastic ones from the bike parts supplier, but its more interesting to learn to make our own. With super wide voltage input, we might offer these as a stand-alone product for use on any e-bike.

The stand alone Rear LED Light package for use with any e-bike would looks something like this: 


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