Discover How Easy It Is to Assemble Your Juiced E-Bike

Discover How Easy It Is to Assemble Your Juiced E-Bike

Assembling Your New Juiced Bike is Super Simple!

Are you dreaming of a new Juiced Bike, but intimidated by the thought of having to assemble it yourself? Do you curse any product that arrives with more than a single page of instructions. Fear not! Juiced Bikes are delivered about 90% assembled, and are engineered to make DIY assembly  as easy as 1-2-3. From start to finish, complete assembly of a Juiced Bike will take less than an hour with a team of dedicated bike experts available to offer personal assistance if needed.

Getting Started

We provide you with everything you need to assemble your new bike for immediate riding.

Juiced Bike Assembly Kit

What’s in the box?

Right and Left Pedals


Front axle

Nuts, bolts, washers


2 Amp Charger


How To Assemble Your Electric Bike

Once your new Juiced electric bike arrives, you’re almost  ready to ride. Assembly includes just a few super easy steps:  

#1- Get juiced up:  fully charge your battery before your first ride!

#2- Simple 1-2-3 Assembly: 1. Install your front wheel and pedals. 2. Balance your Air - Make sure that your tires have the proper recommended PSI -Too full or too low could cause trouble on the road. 3.  Check that your wheels are true and if your model has spokes that they are tightened properly. 

#3- Safety Checklist: Secure your headset/stem/cable connections. Check your brake pads, brake cable, and brake levers to ensure proper responsiveness

#4- Customize Your Ride!: Tighten down fixtures for racks, fenders, and any other accessories you want to add to the bike… and you’re ready to hit the road!

Bike Maintenance

Packed for Success

In addition to offering one of the easiest-to-assemble e-bikes in the U.S., Juiced has also significantly upgraded their bike packaging so customers don't have to deal with unexpected shipping damage. Unfortunately, bike boxes can (and do!) take a serious beating in transit. With over a decade of experience packing and shipping e-bikes, Juiced has engineered advanced packaging materials to provide unmatched protection against common cargo damage.

Packaged Bike

What else do you need to know?

Know your limits and your resources. After watching the assembly videos, if you are still feeling out of your depth or like you may physically need a hand, contact a local bike shop or contractor. Being a bicycle mechanic isn’t a requirement for owning an e-bike, but having a reliable bike mechanic in your life is always a good idea.

Get educated!

We provide the most comprehensive build videos industry wide! With assembly videos  for each model series. Step 1 to building your dream Juiced bike is checking out our YouTube channel. We offer expert advice step by step and get your ride road ready in no time!

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