HyperScorpion: This Year's Best Rated E-Bike!

HyperScorpion: This Year's Best Rated E-Bike!

When Juiced CEO and Founder, Tora Harris, announced the launch of the new HyperScorpion in late 2019, he boldly labeled his new creation as a “micromobility masterpiece.” Skeptics, predictably, wondered if this was merely hyperbolic marketing messaging. But, when the HyperScorpion made its release in 2020 and riders started experiencing the bike's outrageous performance, the accolades quickly started to flow. On multiple BEST E-BIKE OF THE YEAR lists, this micromobility masterpiece has more than lived up to the hype and is now one of the most coveted and highly valued electric bikes in the U.S. market. Don't just take our word for it though, check out the praise from e-bike experts, industry leaders, and actual HyperScorpion customers.

E-Bike of the Year

The HyperScorpion can really do it all, this is one of the reasons it was  recently named ‘E-Bike of the Year’ by Electrek, one of the world’s most trusted electric vehicle news outlets.  “It can be a cargo bike or a delivery bike. It’s a fun joy ride or it’s a great commuter and can provide fun exercise. It’s a little of everything,” says Electrek’s Seth Weintraub.

HyperScorpion Rider

Best Throttle Electric Bike

Hydraulic brakes, precision programming, 52v/19.2ah battery and an exclusive 1000w  Retroblade Bafang motor are just a few of the components that have e-bike experts gushing over!. With speeds of 30+MPH  using pedal assist and a riding range of 70+miles on a single charge, ride anxiety is a thing of the past!  Insider’s Rick Stella says “Though the HyperScorpion is a bike, it often feels so much more than that — and is a whole hell of a lot to ride. It's fast, robust, easy to control, and has one of the best bike designs I've seen on an e-bike yet.” 

Best Cargo E-Bike

Who says cargo bikes can't be heart pounding fun? The versatility of the HyperScorpion makes it a reliable workhorse for business and errands, but its massive motor and battery, (not to mention the head-turning design), make it an incredibly thrilling ride... whether its delivering cargo or exploring the proverbially road less traveled. “This bike is excellent for relaxed rides but has a lot of oomph to get up and go when you want,” say the editors over at CNET.

HyperScorpion: Best Cargo E-Bike

More love for the HyperScorpion

Leave the car at home this summer! Sleek, sophisticated, and eco friendly! There is no cooler way to get around, featuring our dual torque and cadence sensor technology pedalling will be a breeze! The folks at Worth magazine agree “the HyperScorpion is an eco-friendly, stealthy and effortless mode of transportation” 

Worth wasn’t the only one who loved this e-bike.  “With an easy-to-mount moped-like frame, strong motor, comfortable riding position and cushy seat, the Juiced HyperScorpion is probably the most functional of all the options here,” and is why the Rob Report named it one of the standout e-bikes for any kind of terrain. Forbes can’t stop praising this ride either! “Looking for a fun and useful e-bike that also fulfills your moped and motorcycle urges? You can’t go wrong with the fun, fast and versatile Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion.”

Industry experts, reviewers and real customers alike cannot get enough of the HyperScorpion, calling it, “endless fun,” “The best in the business,” and “It's everything anyone would want in an e-bike!”

One rider raved, “What a joy to ride! So much fun! The speed is thrilling, the range is perfect.” Customers love to use the new HyperScorpion as a commuter and exclaimed, “Great bike for my needs. I use my HyperScorpion to commute to work. The bike is fast enough to keep up with in town traffic. The bike is fun and has all requirements needed for riding in traffic.” 

HyperScorpion Golden Gate Bridge

Photo credit: @EbikeFan on Instagram

Are you ready to experience the envy of all other e-bikes? Are you ready to feel the thrill of a 1,000W motor, and the freedom of 70+ miles of riding range? Are you ready to start turning some heads? Are you ready for the onslaught of ‘how can I get one for myself’ questions from your friends and neighbors? We thought so. 

Check out all the specs, read more reviews, and reserve your own HyperScorpion today.

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