This Summer's Top Accessory Picks for Your E-Bike

This Summer's Top Accessory Picks for Your E-Bike

Wondering exactly which e-bike accessories are most important? Do you want to be prepared for anything and everything on your summer rides? Whether you’re riding your e-bike to the beach, running errands, commuting back to work, or headed to trails, picnics or barbecues - we’ve got the essential gear to make your Summer riding a breeze. 

A Carry-All Classic

Barbeques, picnics and food festivals are all back in a big way this summer. If you’re looking for more cargo space to transport your culinary delights, consider one of our classic wood crates. It creates a ton of extra storage on your electric bike, and is the perfect accessory for taking that extra serving of potato salad or lemonade to a sunlit picnic. The handmade and locally-sourced e-bike crate is both stylish and super functional. It easily mounts to any Juiced Bike rack and comes in two finishes.


Summer events can be spontaneous and extra e-bike storage should never cramp your style. The top-selling Juiced Pannier Bag is super simple to use and has ample storage space for carrying valuable summer essentials!! It clips easily into place on most e-bike racks and can be used as a messenger bag or backpack with convenient straps to help you make it to the beach in style. This pannier bag is made with an easy-to-clean fabric and features reflective strips for added safety. One of our favorite e-bike storage options, the pannier is the perfect compliment to your summer e-bike adventures!


Go Hands Free & Never Miss a Sunset

There it is, the perfect Instagram-worthy sunset… and you only have 2% battery left. Don’t find yourself on a scenic summer e-bike ride without a phone charger! Our phone mount with charger is just what you need to keep powered up. Compatible with ALL Juiced e-bike models, this accessory easily mounts to your bike’s handlebars and conveniently holds your phone for you. PLUS – it charges your phone off your e-bike’s battery. You will be able to track your ride, phone a friend or get directions all while keeping your hands free. And if you’re cruising after dark, it also features a blue illuminated USB port for easier location.


Protect You & Your Bike

E-bikes are hands down the BEST way to get to the beach, but it can be tricky navigating through busy traffic. And once you get to your destination, keeping your bike secure from potential thieves can also be difficult. Our horn/alarm system has got what you need to keep you & your ride safe. Cars will DEFINITELY hear you coming in the bike lane as this horn has 118 decibels of sound! When you’re ready to lock your bike up to go surfing - this doubles as an amazing alarm! Just like a car alarm, you can set it with your remote and you are free to make Summer memories without worrying about someone stealing your ride.


Charging in a Flash!

The best accessory to help you chase the shadows from sunrise to sunset is the Turbo Charger. This charger will help you get juiced up quickly and efficiently - 2x FASTER than the standard 2amp charger! The incredible fanless design keeps your charger cool with - NO NOISE! After your morning beach cruise you can be charged up by lunch to continue riding until the sun sets. 

Now that you know how to get the most out of your Summer e-bike adventures with these must-have accessories, we want to see your Juiced gear out there on the open road. Show us your barbecues, your picnics, your fireworks, your beach rides, your long hauls and your short trips, and everything in between. Follow us on Instagram and share your journey using #JuicedBikes! And shop our best-selling accessories now to boost your e-bike fun and functionality for the rest of summer.

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