Amplify Your Summer Travel Adventures with an E-Bike

Amplify Your Summer Travel Adventures with an E-Bike

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Summer is here and after a very long travel hiatus for most Americans adventure is calling! If you’re not one of the millions of riders that don’t already own an e-bike, NOW is the best time to get one so you can take advantage of the warm weather, open trails, and longer riding days. Aside from just being incredibly fun, there are a TON of reasons you should take an electric bike on your next  vacation. Traveling with your e-bike provides a unique micro-mobility solution to explore more off-the-beaten-path destinations, gives you an alternative for quick trips into town (LESS GAS!), will help you avoid parking nightmares, and offers fun and convenient exercise options when you’re on the road. 

Check out  some of the amazing e-bike travel adventures from our very own Juiced Bikes riders:

For many Americans, traveling in an RV is much more than just a mode of transportation… it's a transformative lifestyle. But, let’s be honest, RVs can’t go everywhere. Large vehicles are often difficult to park, use a ton of gas, and are generally too big to access those hidden gems travelers are clamoring to see. Electric bikes create a useful shortcut for RVers to get everywhere they want to go. Want to leave the RV park but don’t have a car? No problem with an electric bike. Use it to run quick errands, explore the surrounding area, and take a spin to burn some calories!

Traveling With an E-Bike Trailer

One Juiced Bike Rider, Liz Amazing, lives and travels in her RV full time. She shares a bit about why an e-bike is the perfect enhancement for RV adventures.  “We are full time RVers, we’ve been on the road eighteen months and e-bikes are the perfect fit for this lifestyle. They’re great for running errands and exploring.” 

RVs not your thing? You’re not alone. Thousands of travelers are taking a more  minimalistic approach for their summer adventures with customized vans. #VanLife is a movement of its own, appealing to travelers of all ages and backgrounds. Sure, custom vintage camping vans are Instagram-adorable, but they’re  notorious gas guzzlers. An e-bike not only enhances the van lifestyle, but is downright necessary for getting supplies and taking side adventures without losing that  coveted  parking spot. If your inner nomad refuses to tow a second compact car, and your inner economist refuses to pay for more gas, electric bikes are an essential #VanLife accessory! 

Traveling With an E-Bike

Camping is the classic summer pastime, but the reality of exploring while  camping is a bit more complicated. Electric bikes are quite simply the perfect camp companion. Enabling vacationers to get to rest areas, activities, service stations and convenience stores with ease. One seasoned e-bike traveler explains the appeal, “You'll quickly realize that a regular bike is not going to be enough to get around while  camping. We've been on some huge campgrounds where it can be a half a mile, three quarters mile or even a mile to go from one end to the other. If you want to go to the pool, the lodge, get your mail, if there is breakfast or any kind of events. You’ll find that walking these camp grounds can be so huge, some campgrounds we have stayed at are three to four to five hundred acres.”


5 tips for traveling with your e-bike

Heading out on a summer vacation with your e-bike? Here are  some helpful  travel tips: 

  1. Install a hitch & get a good bike rack - You want to make sure you get a bike rack with a high weight rating. For models upwards of 80lbs you may want to consider a motorcycle carrier or toy hauler. If you’re unsure if your current bike rack can handle a new electrified ride, get the information from the source and contact the manufacturer - never guess when it comes to protecting your investment. Every model from each brand is different. traveling_with_an_e_bike_rack
  1. Remove the batteries for travel - This is not only a good idea to shave the weight you are carrying on the back of your car, van or RV but it’s good for your battery. The extra vibration from being carried on a rack can cause damage to battery pins and loosen your battery lock interface over time. Also, electric bike batteries are the most expensive component to replace so this cuts down on the risk of getting it stolen.  

  1. Always leave your e-bike locked & secured when not in-use - Unfortunately bike thieves are always looking for a new ride and overnight stays invite more opportunity. If storing on a bike rack, make sure that your model is locked to the rack and that the hitch is securely locked. A waterproof cover is a good idea for extra protection from the elements, and if nothing else, it will get less attention from potential bike thieves. If space allows, bring your bike inside the van or RV at night if possible. 

  1. Plan ahead. Never find yourself without power - If you are using an e-bike to explore, you really want to plan ahead and see what campgrounds have charging accommodations. Also, never assume campgrounds are up to date, so call ahead and speak with someone to make sure you have a place to charge when you get there. 
  1. Know the laws where you’re going to ride - Certain federal parks prohibit certain classes of e-bikes or limit motorized usage completely due to wilderness conservation. Don’t assume you will be admitted into a park or campground - call ahead and get the information from a ranger. The great thing about all Juiced e-bikes is they can be limited to Class 2 and the throttles can be easily removed if needed. So don’t feel like you wont be able to take your e-bike on vacation but be aware ahead of time what adjustments you may need to make. 
What adventures will an e-bike take you on this summer? Whether you want to explore your local beach or discover some of those iconic roads less traveled, e-bikes are the best way to make thrilling new summer memories. Juiced bikes have upgraded and powerful batteries, brakes and motors to fuel even the most ambitious adventures,  from coast to coast - and everywhere in between.  Want to know which ride is your perfect summer companion? Check out our bike quiz.

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