Our Favorite Things: Discover Juiced Bike’s Staff Picks

Our Favorite Things: Discover Juiced Bike’s Staff Picks

The Weekly Squeeze

If you haven’t already noticed, most e-bike companies offer a remarkably small number of models to choose from. Electric bike brands are typically known for a signature style, like a commuter e-bike, and then offer a limited number of variations based on that one model and frame. Juiced, however, is very proud to offer a very wide assortment of e-bike models and styles designed to perfectly fit the individual needs of every new rider. From a super speedy moped-style, to a long-range commuter, to a fat-tire adventurer, Juiced is able to deliver an assortment of high-performance bikes to fit the diverse needs and lifestyles of a rapidly growing U.S. e-bike market. 

Juiced Bikes Staff Favorite HyperScorpion

With so many options, though, many new customers are left wondering what model is best for them, and Juiced employees are constantly asked ‘which e-bike do you own?’ or ‘which e-bike do you like to ride?’. For those who already own a Juiced bike, we’re also asked about the accessories that we just can’t ride without. So, we wanted to officially share our list of the most beloved products from the experts who service, support, market, write about, demo, and sell them every day. 


Guy Lawyer, Technical Support Manager Juiced Bikes Staff Favorites RipRacer

I have literally worked on every single e-bike Juiced has ever produced. Every frame style, prototype, every variation, every upgrade, every battery option, every motor. Yes, I love the Hypers. They’re super fast, have a ton of torque, and so much fun to ride. But riding BMX style bikes, and absolutely loving that experience, made me really excited to try the new RipRacer when we got our first prototypes last December. WOW! The 52-Volt/15.2AH battery pack and 750-Watt motor, combined with the bike’s smaller frame, makes it super zippy with a bunch of torque and acceleration. My RipRacer is so responsive and nimble, it’s an absolute blast to ride. Plus, it’s a smaller, lighter frame and way easier to move around. Maybe I just fall in love with every new bike we sell but I think I'll be riding this one for a very long time!

CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Stephanie Rollison, Social & Community Specialist

Juiced Bikes Staff Favorites CrossCurrent X Step-Through

When we launched the CrossCurrent X Step-Through last year, I could not have been happier. At 5’2, the challenge of finding an e-bike frame that’s easy to mount/dismount is very real! The step-through frame of our most popular commuter is such a great modification and makes this bike much more versatile. This is absolutely the perfect lightweight e-commuter. It’s also an extremely convenient and affordable replacement for car commutes. The construction and features of the CrossCurrent X (like the larger 52-V battery and 750W motor, super bright headlight, hydraulic disc brakes) make it an ideal e-bike for longer distance commuting with mixed traffic. I always feel safe while riding and never worry about running out of battery power. The more gas prices go up, the more I ride my CrossCurrent X. Riding past gas stations is a highlight of my 20-mile commute to and from the office.

Juiced Portable Air Pump

Rich Davis, Brand Representative

Juiced Bikes Staff Favorites Portable Air Pump

With six kids and nine grandkids, my family and I own quite a few different Juiced e-bike models. We love all of them and I consistently ride both the RipCurrent S and the HyperScrambler 2, but the product I've become most dependent on is the Juiced portable air pump. I oversee all of our demo rides, events, and dozens of local deliveries, and am constantly using the air pump to make sure all of our bikes have the proper tire pressure. Before this handy little product, I would dread having to maintain the tires. With the portable air pump, it's actually pretty fun, almost like having a new toy. And, I don't just use it for bike tires. The entire family uses it to blow up pool toys, balls, even inflatable mattresses. I think we now have 5 or 6 of these scattered throughout the house, our cars, and in our garage. It’s become as much of a household essential as a pair of scissors. 


Kerri Kauffman, VP of Marketing

Juiced Bikes Staff Favorites CampScramblerThis was the very first e-bike I ever rode, and it's still my favorite! I'm a very cautious rider, always riding in ECO mode, and didn't necessarily want the fastest e-bike, but I did want something that felt really sturdy and offered a comfortable, safe riding experience. The Scrambler is actually quite speedy and provides more than enough riding range for my trips. And, it just felt like the right fit for me. I'm 5'9 and actually prefer a taller, step-over frame. The size is perfect for both myself and my 6' husband.  When I ride the red CampScrambler, no matter where I am, I feel so much more stylish than I actually am. It's an immediate confidence booster. 

Scorpion Passenger Kit

Christopher Scott, Ecommerce Manager

Juiced Bikes Staff Favorites Passenger KitThe passenger kit for all of the Scorpion e-bike models is my absolute favorite accessory because it completely changes the way you ride an electric bike. Every trip with a passenger is like a James Bond adventure mission. Rider and passenger both have a blast - there's an excitement about riding with a passenger that typically ends up with both riders cracking up laughing during the entire trip. The kit includes flip-out foot pegs that are a great bonus for the comfort and safety of the passenger. 10 out of 10, I highly recommend to every Scorpion and HyperScorpion owner!

We hope our list of staff product picks inspired you to find the e-bike, and accessories, that will eventually leave you wondering how you ever managed without them. Still deciding on the perfect ride, check out our E-Bike Selector for a customized recommendation.

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